Carnival King makes professional-grade equipment and supplies for concession stands nationwide. One of the brand’s featured machines is their CCM28 Cotton Candy Machine. This device comes outfitted with a 28-inch stainless steel bowl. The device’s high-powered engine boasts a production rate of two cones per minute.

This professional cotton candy maker is designed to work all day long, and won’t overheat with consistent use. The stainless steel bowl provides more durability than the average professional-grade machine, as most bowls are either plastic or aluminum. The bowl is designed to withstand travel as well as fluctuations in temperature for those who plan on using their device outdoors.

When in use, this cotton candy maker is held down by clamps that keep it from wobbling. This feature also helps eliminate vibrations and delivers a smoother, quieter overall performance.

With a flip of the front-facing switch, this cotton candy maker can reach its appropriate heat levels within three minutes. This cotton candy maker is powered by 1030 watts of energy that keep the machine’s belts operating through long production days. The unit also comes with two replacement belts. Even with its power, the machine boasts an overall quiet operational volume. This cotton candy maker comes with a voltage meter, so you can adjust the machine’s heat as needed, as well as an indicator switch that flashes if the fuse is out.

With a five inch diameter wide spinner, this cotton candy maker is able to hold up to four ounces of floss sugar at a time. The unit also features a stainless steel supply drawer to keep your supplies and accessories organized when not in use. Despite being a professional grade machine, this unit comes at a much lower price than other devices within its class.

While the Carnival King CCM28 Cotton Candy Machine is not meant for the average home-user, it does have the speed and power to meet the needs of professional cotton candy spinners. Those who operate a concession stand, and want a machine that will consistently produce cotton candy all day long, may find this device meets their high-volume expectations.

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