The company Cra-Z-Art is known for making cooking tools and appliances for children who want to create their own specialty food items. The Cra-Z-Cookn’ Cotton Candy Maker is a basic device that boasts a colorful, hard plastic exterior and can quickly makes cotton candy with everyday kitchen items.

The machine also comes with instructions so that kids can operate the cotton candy maker on their own, with minimal supervision. This kid-friendly appliance plugs directly into the wall and heats up in less than five minutes.

The Cra-Z-Art cotton candy machine uses basic sugar, or you can purchase specialty cotton candy sugar for the unit. The brand also makes their own specialty refill packs for custom rainbow-colored creations. Those who want to make sugar-free cotton candy can use approved crushed candy in the device to spin concoctions for those with special dietary restrictions.

Kids can experiment with food coloring to spin sugar of all different colors, as this machine also allows you to make multi-colored cotton candy creations. The device comes with six paper cones, while additional cones can be purchased separately.

As it is a basic cotton candy maker, this machine lacks some of the features and power found in more expensive, high-tech machines. The machine does not have a splashguard, so it has the potential to be messier than some higher-grade devices. The plastic construction means that the head may not be a durable as some of the sturdier metal units available, and it may overheat with consistent use. Do not try to create a large volume of cones with this machine.

The Cra-Z-Cookn’ Cotton Candy Maker is a novelty machine for kids who enjoy cotton candy to use with minimal supervision. While it is not a particularly sturdy or well-equipped machine, it provides a simple, kid-friendly design and the opportunity to make multi-colored cotton candy creations. Consider this machine if your kids want to try making cotton candy at home, but you aren’t necessarily seeking an appliance that can withstand daily, or high volume, use.

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