Pros / It can cook 12 donuts in a single batch, double the amount of many donut makers.

Cons / The manufacturer offers no technical support via email or phone.

 Verdict / The Tasty Treats FPSBTTDDM625 is the largest home donut maker we reviewed, and it comes with a standard one-year manufacturer warranty. Resolving problems you encounter may prove challenging with the lack of technical support.

The Tasty Treats FPSBTTDDM625 is the largest home donut machine we tested. Capable of baking 12 donuts in a single batch in under two minutes, it also scored high points in our ranking for minimal cleanup time and ease of removal.

We found the Tasty Treats FPSBTTDDM625 to be among the best donut makers for rapid cooking. In just one minute and 30 seconds, it cooked an entire batch of 12 donuts. It took this donut maker just under three minutes to heat up, which is the average length of time for most donut makers – although we noted that the red “ready to cook” indicator light is poorly illuminated and may be difficult to see in a well-lit room.

Overall donut quality was good, and the majority baked evenly, although there was indication that donuts situated on the outer edges of the cooking surface baked more quickly than those on the inside area. This resulted in a slightly lowered donut consistency rating. The donut maker’s non-stick cooking surface performed excellently and led to greatly decreased cleanup time.

The inclusion of a locking lid latch and the presence of non-skid rubber feet on the bottom of the donut maker gives the Tasty Treats FPSBTTDDM625 points for overall safety. The only missing element is cord storage, which we find is generally helpful for ensuring safe countertop or in-cabinet storage when the device is not in use.

The Tasty Treats FPSBTTDDM625 comes packaged with an owner’s manual that includes three basic donut recipes. Unlike some of the higher-ranked donut makers on our list, there were no additional accessories provided. The manufacturer’s warranty is one year, which is the standard among donut machines that do provide warranties. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not offer a way to get in touch, either via phone or email, if you have questions or need help troubleshooting mechanical problems.

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The Tasty Treats FPSBTTDDM625 is a good choice if you’re looking for a home donut maker that can cook larger batches of donuts at a single time. Testing revealed that the donut maker is slightly inconsistent when it comes to even baking. The non-stick cooking surface can produce numerous batches without the need to be greased, which translates to minimal cleanup time. The included locking lid latch and non-skid feet ensure safe countertop operation, and the one-year warranty protects you against mechanical failure. 

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