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The Best Electric Knives and Slicers of 2017

Slice Food Quickly and Efficiently

The Best Electric Knives and Slicers of 2017
Electric Knives and Slicers
American Angler
Black and Decker
Hamilton Beach

Electric Knives and Slicers Review

Why Buy Electric Knives and Slicers?

Electric knives and slicers are designed to take the work out of slicing and carving meats and chopping vegetables. Much more efficient than traditional knives, electric knives do all the work for you, which makes food preparation and serving quicker and easier. The blades run off some type of power source – batteries or electricity – and they are usually detachable for cleaning.

These tools can be necessities if you have arthritic hands or if you suffer from health problems that rob you of your strength. Typically, two blades lock into place and then you turn the electric knife on. The blades move quickly back and forth, and a serrated edge cuts into the food. Top electric knife and slicer brands include Black & Decker, Hamilton Beach and Cuisinart.

Electric Knives and Slicers: What to Look For

Electric knives and slicers come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Looking at the following factors will help you distinguish the right one for your needs.

Blade Length
Electric knives come in a variety of different sizes. The size you need depends on what type of food you will frequently be cutting. For fish, you want to choose a smaller knife with thin blades that allow you to slice the fish quickly and easily. If you will be carving turkey or other larger animals, an electric slicer with a blade that is 9 or 10 inches is ideal. The longer the knife, the larger the slices of meat your slicer can handle.

Blade Materials
Nearly all electric knives are constructed of stainless steel for durability. You may, however, find some that are made of synthetics or even chrome. Stainless steel is a durable choice because it won't tarnish or rust and it is easy to clean.

Safety Features
Many electric knives and slicers on the market are designed with safety features that make it hard for young children to turn the appliance on, such as a locking trigger or a double trigger. However, some double-trigger slicers are hard to use unless you have bigger hands.

Power Choices
Electric knives and slicers are usually available in two different power choices: electric or battery operated. Electric knives can't be carried with you to picnics or outside, but they often offer more power than a battery-operated slicer. Battery-operated slicers make the appliance much more portable, and you do not have cords that get in the way. They do need recharging, though, and this can take a little while.

Electric knives and slicers are kitchen appliances designed to make food preparation easier. By making an informed decision on the correct one for your needs, you can find the right device to do the job.