Pros / This fridge features undershelf lighting.

Cons / This model isn’t Energy Star certified.

 Verdict / The KitchenAid KRFF707ESS has a large amount of storage space, including three tiers of freezer space. However, this model isn’t Energy Star certified and uses more power to operate than most other french door refrigerators in our review.

TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

The KitchenAid KRFF707ESS french door refrigerator features undershelf lighting to help you see everything stored in your fridge more easily than you can with models that have a single light overhead. It has over 19 cubic feet of space in the refrigerated section, with an additional 7.77 cubic feet in the freezer. This makes the KitchenAid one of the biggest french door fridge models in our review, though it is one of the less energy-efficient.

This french door refrigerator is one of the most expensive models to operate, costing an estimated $93 per year, or $3.47 per cubic foot. This is much more than most of the french door refrigerators in our review cost – around $80 or less per year in energy. The KitchenAid KRFF707ESS also isn’t Energy Star certified, indicating it is less energy-efficient than some of the best fridges.

The KitchenAid has five shelves, some of which either slide back or fold up to give you more room for tall items. These shelves also include a small lip to contain spills. The three drawers include two crispers with controls for the temperatures inside. The full-length drawer gives you additional storage for large and wide items, such as meats and party platters.

The french doors have additional storage bins. Of the six shelves, three of them are large enough to hold gallon-sized items, such as milk. However, none of these bins are specifically designated as a dairy compartment, though there is plenty of room to store these items where you desire.

The freezer compartment has three separate tiers with spacious bins to hold a lot of groceries. There is a bin called the pizza pocket that is designed to hold frozen pizza boxes in an upright position, freeing up valuable freezer space from these bulky items.

The water and ice dispenser is a handy feature, and the ice bin hold an impressive 3 pounds of ice when full. This is three times what french door fridges' ice bins generally hold. You can choose to lock the dispenser so young children don’t get carried away playing with it. You can also set an alarm to go off if the door is left open for longer than a minute.

KitchenAid adds two different extended warranties to help cover repairs to your refrigerator after the standard one-year parts and labor warranty expires. The sealed system is covered for an additional five years, while the compressor can be serviced for ten years after your initial purchase. For any questions you have, KitchenAid includes its user guides online, or you can contact a support representative via email, telephone or live chat.

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Despite a few setbacks, especially in the amount of energy needed to use this model, the KitchenAid KRFF707ESS is a well-made french door refrigerator that features undershelf lighting and several extended warranties. The shelves are adjustable, and the freezer has three tiers and a pizza pocket to help you maximize the storage space.

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