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Samsung RF323TEDBSR Review

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PROS / This model has dual icemakers, huge compartments and plenty of advanced amenities.

CONS / You do not get a covered dairy compartment with this refrigerator.

 VERDICT / This is one of the most spacious refrigerators we found, and it offers a lot more than just extra space.

Samsung is a top manufacturer of home electronics, however, it is increasingly becoming popular in home appliances, and its French door refrigerators are no exception. The Samsung RF323TEDBSR is an attractive stainless steel refrigerator that gives you an exceptional amount of refrigerator and freezer space, many options for organizing your food and humidity-controlled produce crispers. The Samsung RF323TEDBSR is one of our top rated French door refrigerators and is the recipient of our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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This is one of the largest French door refrigerators we found. It has a total capacity of 30.5 cubic feet, and the refrigerated compartment uses 20.5 cubic feet of that alone. The refrigerated compartment is also the largest one of the fridges we found. The freezer compartment has a total capacity of 10 cubic feet. However, three of the best French door refrigerators we reviewed also had freezers with that capacity. 


Energy Use & Efficiency

This refrigerator uses 753 kilowatt hours yearly, which costs around $90 annually to operate and $7.50 monthly. This French door refrigerator is one of the most expensive to operate of the French door fridges we reviewed.

However, it is Energy Star certified, which means it exceeds standards for energy efficiency set forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy. These kinds of appliances typically use 20–30 percent less energy than the federal standards.

Storage & Features

The interior of the fresh food compartment is striking with its stainless steel trim and glass shelves. There are five spill-proof shelves, if you include the full-width shelf that also serves as the ceiling to the crisper bins. Three of the shelves are half width and can move up and down in the compartment. One of these shelves can also slide back to make room for tall containers like pop bottles or large salad bowls. A fourth shelf is only a quarter width because it shares space with the icemaker. To accommodate tall items, this shelf can fold up against the icemaker.

Under the shelves, you'll find two crisper bins. You can adjust the humidity levels in each of the bins so that it suits your produce. The humidity levels affect the freshness of your produce, and the right humidity will lengthen the life of your fruits and veggies. Additionally, in the main compartment you will find a full-width drawer also with adjustable temperature controls.

The doors to the fresh food compartment have a total of six bins. Two of these bins can hold gallon-sized containers such as milk and juice jugs. This refrigerator lacks a dairy compartment though. The side door is a bit limited in space due to the ice chute that extends into the refrigerator.

The freezer section has two tiers and a total of five bins, which includes a long, smaller bin that runs alongside the interior of the door. One of the bins is a portable ice bin that catches ice from the icemaker in the freezer. All of these bins are made of a durable plastic.

Water & Ice Dispenser

This an area where this Samsung refrigerator really shines. This model has two icemakers: one is in the freezer and the other in the refrigerated compartment. As far as top-shelf icemakers go, this one is very narrow and takes up little space.

Between the two icemakers, this fridge can produce 12 pounds of ice a day, so if you live in a warm climate, frequently entertain guests or have a big family who love iced drinks, you are in luck. This model has an external ice and water dispenser that dispenses both cubed and crushed ice.

Warranties & Support

Samsung offers a one-year warranty on parts and labor as well as a five-year warranty on the sealed refrigerated system. The company also offers a 10-year warranty on the compressor, which is a common part to malfunction in any kind of refrigerator.

Out of our top three French door refrigerators, this is the only model without some sort of diagnostic tool. Some of the other refrigerators we looked at have fault codes or a diagnostic system that can tell you what is wrong with the refrigerator. In the case of this Samsung fridge, you will have to rely on a technician. However, should you run into any problems, you can find a copy of the user manual online, and you can contact the company by phone, email, live chat or one of the company's social media pages.


The Samsung RF323TEDBSR is great fridge with an enormous amount of space. This large-capacity fridge has more than enough room and ice-making capacity for a large family or big party filled with hungry and thirsty guests. And despite the icemaker taking up valuable shelf space in the fresh food compartment, this Samsung fridge has plenty of helpful organizational options.