Pros / It is fairly easy to clean.

Cons / It slices all food types unevenly.

 Verdict / It has decent safety features, but it struggles to produce quality, even cuts of food.

The Open Country FS-150SK meat slicer has decent motor power to slice your favorite foods. It has several built-in safety features to make slicing less stressful, and it's easy to clean once you're done. Its various customer service options add to its ease of use, but this isn't a slicer that can give you even, nice-looking cuts.

This slicer has a 150-watt gear-driven motor. The blade takes only a matter of seconds to remove for cleaning or to reattach. The carriage tray is permanently mounted to a bar that it slides on during use, meaning you can't fully remove it, but you can tilt it out to clean it and the area under it.

The blade has a 7.5-inch diameter and is made of stainless steel. Its serrated edges work well with tough meats and crusty breads. However, it struggled to produce a clean, even cut on most items we tested it on, leaving jagged edges that weren't visually appealing. You can adjust the thickness of the blade with the gauge behind the carriage, from 0.03 to 0.5 inches thick. However, we noticed that all slices would be cut unevenly, as the top part of the blade opening is consistently thinner than the bottom. If you really enjoy great presentation for foods and want more even slices, take a look at the Chef's Choice 610 by EdgeCraft.

It weighs 12 pounds and measures 18 x 12.5 x 11.2 inches, making it one of the longest units on our lineup, so it takes up a lot of counter space. Though the unit comes with rubberized feet, it occasionally struggled to stay completely in place during slicing. This made it feel slightly less safe to use than some other units. Aside from that, it comes with the standard built-in safety features, including a dual safety switch. This requires an extra button to be pushed in order to activate the blade.

It has a recessed power switch, which makes it less likely to be accidentally turned on while plugged in, for added safety. It comes with a hand guard that helps push the food toward the blade and puts a barrier between the blade and your hand. While the machine is running, the volume reaches 63 dB, which isn't much louder than a normal conversation.

This food slicer comes backed by a one-year warranty from the manufacturer, the average for consumer-grade meat slicers. You can get a hold of the company's customer service through telephone or email, whichever you prefer. While Open Country doesn't have a FAQs section on its website for you to reference, it does keep a copy of the product manual online.

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  • Weight
  • Power
  • Blade Diameter
  1. How much the slicer weighs.
    A higher number means it may be heavier to lift.
  2. 7  Open Country
    12.0 Pounds
  3. 10.2 Pounds
  4. 10.0 Pounds
  5. 3  Nesco
    13.2 Pounds
  6. Category Average
    11.93 Pounds


The Open Country FS-150SK works to slice food, but it isn't the best option for producing pristinely even slices. It has standard safety features and is fairly easy to clean. It has a high-powered motor and a good-sized blade that can help you get sliced food quickly.

Open Country FS-150SK Visit Site

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Overall Safety Score
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Blade Lock
Dual Safety Switch


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Warranty & Support

1 Year
Online Product Manual

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Stainless Steel
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