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Pros / The refrigerator has a lot of storage space, being the largest fridge in our review.

Cons / It doesn’t include an extended warranty.

 Verdict / The Frigidaire FPSS2677RF is a good family refrigerator with a lot of grocery storage space and adjustable shelves to accommodate large food items.

The Frigidaire FPSS2677RF’s strongest feature is the amount of storage space. With a total of 25.6 cubic feet of interior space, this side-by-side refrigerator is the largest in our review. It easily holds enough groceries for a large family and is decently conservative in its energy use, receiving an overall score of 85 percent for efficiency.

The 12.87-cubic-foot refrigerated section houses three drawers, including crisper bins and a snack drawer. The crisper bins are humidity-controlled, while the three adjustable shelves are designed to capture spills so they don’t run down to other parts of the refrigerator or onto the floor, creating a bigger mess. Some of the five door bins are large enough to hold gallon-sized containers, such as milk jugs, and there is a designated dairy compartment for items such as butter and cheese.

The freezer section has 9 cubic feet for storing a lot of frozen items. Several of the four freezer shelves are adjustable, so you can fit bulky items without a problem. The two drawers are each unique, one being an open bin that isn’t inhibited with a top, so you can store a lot of groceries in it. The wire basket easily slides out so you can store and reach items quickly. This large side-by-side fridge also has an impressive four door bins in the freezer section, whereas the industry standard is three.

The door of this stainless steel side-by-side refrigerator houses the icemaker with the water dispenser. The refrigerator controls are located on the side of the same door. The controls include a lockout feature so you can control whether children or guests can use the dispenser freely. You can see when your water and air filters need to be replaced and the internal temperature of both the freezer and refrigerated sections. There is also a door alarm you can set that lets you know if one of the doors has been open for longer than a minute. This is a good energy-saving feature.

Frigidaire includes a standard one-year warranty on parts and labor. However, where most manufacturers include an extended warranty on the sealed system, Frigidaire doesn’t. This makes the purchase of the Frigidaire FPSS2677RF a little riskier, since repairs needed beyond the first year will come entirely out of your own pocket.

If you have any question about your side-by-side refrigerator, you can contact Frigidaire directly via telephone, email or live chat. We were able to access user guides on the Frigidaire website that answered most of our questions pertaining to this model.

  • Total Capacity
  • Refrigerator Capacity
  • Freezer Capacity
  • Estimated Yearly Operating Costs
  1. This is the total combined storage space claimed to be available in the entire unit.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 7  Frigidaire
    25.6 cu.ft.
  3. 24.84 cu.ft.
  4. 21.5 cu.ft.
  5. 3  LG
    21.7 cu.ft.
  6. Category Average
    23.01 cu.ft.


The Frigidaire FPSS2677RF has more space than other side-by-side refrigerators we reviewed. It also has adjustable shelves, open freezer drawers to accommodate large items, a snack drawer, a dairy compartment and two humidity-controlled crisper bins. While there isn’t an extended warranty with this model, it is an impressive refrigerator that is good for large families.

Frigidaire FPSS2677RF Visit Site