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Pros / The refrigerator has a quick-cool feature to rapidly chill food.

Cons / The refrigerator is not Energy Star certified.

 Verdict / The Whirlpool WRS970CIDM has nice features and storage space, though it is smaller and less energy-efficient than other side-by-side refrigerators.

The Whirlpool WRS970CIDM is the smallest side-by-side refrigerator in our review. It also uses the most power per cubic foot, but it still has ample storage space and some extra convenience features to make it a good choice. This stainless steel side-by-side refrigerator also comes in black and white. It stands 69 inches high and has a total capacity of 19.85

cubic feet. The Whirlpool uses approximately $78 of power each year, which is a low cost overall. However, that averages out to $3.92 per cubic foot, substantially higher than the cost of our best side-by-side refrigerator and steeper than the industry average of around $3.30 per cubic foot. The Whirlpool WRS970CIDM is not Energy Star qualified.

Inside this side-by-side fridge are three adjustable, spill-proof shelves and three drawers that have either temperature or humidity control for keeping fruits and vegetables crisp. There are five door bins, including a designated dairy compartment, which keeps items such as cheese and butter separated from other foods with smells that may be absorbed and spoil the taste of dairy items.

The freezer section has three shelves, two drawers and three door bins. The icemaker and water dispenser are located in the freezer-side door. The dispenser also incorporates the refrigerator controls, including a lockout feature to keep kids from playing with the dispenser and a door alarm for when it's left open. One high-end feature of this side-by-side fridge is the quick cool. This feature automatically drops the internal temperature of the refrigerated section to quickly chill food and return the core temperature of the refrigerator back to normal after fluctuating when the door is open.

Whirlpool includes both the standard one-year warranty on parts and labor and a five-year warranty on the sealed system, or the parts that work to keep the refrigerator cool. For assistance, you can access helpful user guides on the Whirlpool website. We found the majority of the answers to our questions in this way. You can also access personalized assistance using the online chat, telephone or email.

  • Total Capacity
  • Refrigerator Capacity
  • Freezer Capacity
  • Estimated Yearly Operating Costs
  1. This is the total combined storage space claimed to be available in the entire unit.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 8  Whirlpool
    19.85 cu.ft.
  3. 24.84 cu.ft.
  4. 21.5 cu.ft.
  5. 3  LG
    21.7 cu.ft.
  6. Category Average
    23.01 cu.ft.


The Whirlpool WRS970CIDM uses a lot of power per cubic foot for its size, especially compared to other side-by-side refrigerators in our review. However, it has ample storage space and a quick-cool feature that ensures your food is quickly chilled and the internal temperature maintained as much as possible.

Whirlpool WRS970CIDM Visit Site