Amana NFW7300WW Visit Site

Pros / Amana NFW7300WW has a relatively small price tag.

Cons / No digital display means less information about each cycle.

 Verdict / This economical front-load washer may be just right for some users.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Although it is at the bottom of our lineup price-wise, the Amana NFW7300WW front-load washer finds itself near the middle of the pack in other ways.

Expect six distinct cycles, four cubic feet of capacity and a sleek-looking exterior if you purchase this Amana front-loading washer.

This Amana is a fairly basic unit compared to the other front loading washers. We think there are plenty of consumers who will appreciate that though. Not everyone wants to pay for things they won’t notice most of the time anyway. Amana NFW7300WW has the basic features of all front-loader washers anyway. The most obvious is significant energy savings, but there is also an automatic detergent, bleach and softener dispenser as well as an anti-vibration system. This Amana front-load washer also offers an easy way to add a garment after the cycle has begun.

There is no snazzy digital display with this Amana model. We did not really expect it at this price point. Some users will miss it. We love the models that display everything going on inside your machine at any given time. But there are plenty of buyers who will not care about that. For all its simplicity we think many users will enjoy the sophistication of the Touch and Go electronic controls on this Amana front-load washer.

The energy savings are not spectacular but are pretty good considering the price point on this Amana front-loading washer. Estimated yearly operating costs will be about $17 when used with an electric water heater and $11 when used with a natural gas water heater.

This Amana unit is stackable with its matching dryer. That will save you space in your laundry room. This manufacturer also includes a rare design feature among front-load washers: a laundry prep surface. Add a matching two-drawer laundry tower with retracting hanging rod for even more order in your utility room. These accessories make carting clean laundry from room to room a distant memory. Everything laundry-related can be done at the site of this front load washer.

There is a child lock, automatic water level adjustment and matching pedestals. Those are creature comforts that will always add to ease of use.

The warranty for this Amana front loading washer is nothing too spectacular. Parts and labor are covered for one year. Amana’s site is pretty impressive. It is informative and easy to navigate. We love their demo window. The photos really give a clear picture of what owning this machine would be like.


Customer reviews appear lukewarm, though some appreciate this appliance for what it is – a no-frills front-loader with a top-loader type of price.

“If you are wanting an inexpensive front-loader and want basic, this is your machine. Set it and leave,” wrote one user.

We think this Amana machine will be just right for someone who is looking for the energy savings of a front-load washer at a lower price.

Amana NFW7300WW Visit Site