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Samsung WF330ANW Review

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PROS / Diamond Drum feature is designed to protect fabrics.

CONS / Samsung’s reputation for service is not great.

 VERDICT / This unit is a bit pricey but will be worth it for some users.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Samsung WF330ANW

As we move down in the lineup we creep back up the scale on price, but that is to be expected. The Samsung WF330ANW does feature diamonds, after all. Ok maybe not actual diamonds, but this front-load washer offers a drum covered with diamond-shaped depressions, designed to protect fabrics by keeping them from snagging during the cycle.

We’re not convinced it is worth going to the higher price point for this machine for everyone, partly because we’re not convinced most consumers will ever have a need to wash 31 bath towels at one time. This front-load washer is pretty massive. Even the door is massive, so you can load a giant comforter and watch it come clean before your very eyes.

For all of its mass, Samsung WF330ANW still manages to clean clothing with very little energy and water. According to its EnergyGuide, this unit will cost only $12 a year to run when used with an electric water heater and $7 with a natural gas heater. That’s less water and energy than both of the front-loading washers we ranked above it. 

Energy Cost & Efficiency

This front-load washer offers all of the creature comforts that most do, including an automatic dispenser that will add the ideal amount of detergent, bleach and softener at the right times so you do not have to. Also look for convenient features like an end-of-cycle signal, child lock, add-a garment option and a total of nine preset wash cycles. This front-load washer can be programmed to run at any point within a 24-hour window of time.

Press one button to start the Pure Cycle, which will keep the drum sparkling fresh, without detergent. The sanitizing option will also likely be a favorite among front load-washer users, especially during flu season. Adding an extra rinse also is a snap, which will be a nice feature for those who are sensitive to detergent.

Samsung put plenty of thought into the well-known curse of vibration. The company’s Vibration Reduction Technology is designed to limit vibration and noise during each cycle, even as the drum makes up to 1,300 revolutions per minute.



The LED display will keep you informed of your load’s progress. Prepare to know whether the favorite jeans will be clean in time for the first day of school instead of guessing. This front-load washer takes the guesswork out of other aspects of the cleaning process as well with features like automatic temperature control.




The Samsung WF330ANW is designed to be incredibly energy and water efficient, as mentioned, and the unit can be stacked with a matching dryer or perched atop a coordinating pedestal.

Big is beautiful in the case of this Samsung front-load washer. It may not be worthy of becoming a room’s focal point, but it is pretty, especially the Breakwater Blue version. No need to hide this one in the basement or closet, unless you want to.





Our impressions of this front-load washer are really good overall. The flack Samsung takes online for issues with vibration and service calls give us some pause, but those may be related to operator error in at least a few cases. At the end of the day, this machine still brings some pretty impressive numbers compared to other front-loading washers. Remember these numbers especially: 4.3 cubic feet capacity, $12 a year in operating costs, 31 bath towels and 10-year motor warranty. Those are statistics to write home about.

There is no chance that people coming away from an old top-loader won’t be impressed with Samsung WF330ANW. Consider this customer’s comments: “This machine uses very little water and is very quiet, so if you’re like me you may think something is wrong with it and sit with a flashlight, looking and watching in amazement.”

Samsung WF330ANW