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Uniden GMR1838-2CK Review

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PROS / There is a built-in emergency weather alert.

CONS / They are not water resistant.

 VERDICT / Long battery life and a good range make this one of the best walkie talkies.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information. Click here to read our current reviews on Walkie Talkies.

Uniden GMR1838-2CK

The Uniden GMR1838-2CK walkie talkies come with a complete list of great features as well as having a battery charger and their own table-top cradle to sit in. Two belt clips are also included with this product, so you can always have quick access to the radios.


The Uniden GMR1838-2CK handie talkie offers an extensive list of features (including an emergency weather alert) that will make your afternoon hiking trip, cross country road trip, or family outing to the amusement park much more enjoyable and possibly even safer. Imagine this: It's a sunny morning and you decide to take the family on a hiking day trip. The weather report looks good as you head up the mountain. A few hours into the trip you notice a few clouds off in the distance, but think nothing of it – until your walkie talkie emergency weather alert goes off. Since you didn't pack for an unexpected rash of bad weather, you grab the family and head back to the car. As you reach the end of your hike, a downpour hits. You are so thankful you chose the walkie talkie with the emergency weather alert.

The GMR1838-2CK comes equipped with 22 different channels and also offers 99 different privacy codes, making it much easier to find a channel free from other's conversations. Be aware, however, the Federal Communications Commission requires that you be licensed to use some channels, specifically those labeled as the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS). This cuts down the number of channels that anyone one can use, known as the Family Radio Service (FRS), to approximately seven. This device is also equipped with auto channel scan which will search for the clearest channel that is available. This can save you time because you won't have to test out each different channel before finding one that will broadcast clearly.

The mileage range for this walkie talkie is about 18 miles. However, keep in mind that with all walkie talkies the distance is measured in a straight line without any interference. So your actual range may change depending to where you are using these devices.

Having a reliable battery is very important when using walkie talkies. These radios come with a NiMH rechargeable battery pack for each unit. In addition, the radios will also run on 4 AAA batteries. This is an added bonus for those who may be camping and do not have access to an electrical outlet in order to re-charge the walkie talkies. The estimated battery life is approximately 12 hours with low usage. This is for both the NiMH rechargeable battery pack as well as the 4 AAA batteries. Battery life will definitely decrease with the amount of use. In order to be prepared, plan to have at least one set of AAA batteries on hand for each unit.

To A built-in battery meter helps you keep track of when you'll need to charge these walkie talkies. In addition they also include a low battery indicator to ensure that you're not surprised by running out of power and stuck without the ability to communicate. The GMR1838-2CK is also equipped with a unique circuit design that allows the radios to automatically switch to a power-save mode when there has not been any activity for 3 seconds or longer. This can dramatically increase your battery life.

This device comes equipped with a "roger beep" as well. This is an audible tone that is played when one party releases the speaking key. This allows the other party to know that you have finished your sentence and are awaiting their response. This also helps keep parties from trying to speak at the same time, which just creates a host of confusion.

The Uniden GMR1838-2CK comes with 5 different call tones. This feature allows you the ability to choose a different ring tone for your walkie talkie from anyone else in your party. It's also a great feature to look for if you have diminished hearing. You may be able to hear certain tones better than other tones and can set your walkie talkie accordingly. Also included with this device is the optional virbation instead of tone. This allows you to set the radio to vibrate instead audibly ring when someone tries to contact you. There are definitely times you don't want an audible notification, and this feature creates a stealth option. This feature could be important if you are hiding from your opponent's team while playing a spirited game of paintball or if you wearing a helmet and wouldn't be able to hear the ringtone.

Have you ever put your walkie talkie into your pocket and without realizing it, called your other party? This device is also equipped with a keypad lock. This allows you the ability to lock your keypad so you don't erroneously make a call without meaning to.

For added convenience, this walkie talkie has large LCD display screen which is also backlit. This is an important feature if you plan to use these radios after nightfall. Being able to see what channel your radio is on as well as the battery monitor is very important.

The GMR1838-2CK comes with VOX operation mode. This voice-activated mode allows you to use the device hands free. Simply connect a headset to your radio, set up the VOX and you can speak to your other party without ever having to use your hands. This feature offers great convenience to those who are using these walkie talkies while engaged in a hands-on activity.

When purchased new, this product come with a set of two walkie talkies, a rechargeable battery pack for each device, a charging cradle which will hold both units at the same time, an AC adapter for plugging in the units to recharge, and a belt clip for each unit.

The GMR1928-2CK is also RoHS compliant. This means that the units are manufactured as lead free. This is an added bonus when considering your health.


This device is easy to use. To find another party simply press the "call" button and you will have instant access to communicate with them. The buttons are labeled well to ensure no confusion about which button does what. The large display also allows you the ability to see your battery meter and which channel you are on at the same time, creating even more convenience.


Uniden offers great support for this walkie talkie, including a list of FAQs on their website and a readily available email address for any tech support questions that you may have. The GMR1838-2CK also comes with a one year warranty and a user manual.


Because the Uniden GMR1838-2CK comes packed with a list of great features, it definitely earned its place as our number one pick of great walkie talkies. This particular 2-way radio offers useful features. The emergency weather alert is a feature that we were unable to find with any of the other product that we reviewed and find that this could be something important to those who spend time in the outdoors.

We also found the range of these walkies talkies and the battery options to be very impressive. With the battery longevity, the option to use four AAA batteries and the battery meter, you can rest assured you will be able to contact your other party. These radios are perfect for the keeping track of others during recreational outings or family trips.

Uniden GMR1838-2CK