Pros / When you buy products from Sharp, you are dealing with an established company that has been in the solar world for 50 years.

Cons / This solar panel is somewhat less efficient than other modules.

 Verdict / Though they are not the most efficient panels on the market, the Sharp ND-Q245F solar panels are resilient and durable, require little maintenance and are backed by a good warranty.

The appealing, black Sharp ND-Q245F solar panels are rated in optimal testing conditions with a solar efficiency of 15 percent. Although this isn't the highest efficiency rating among the solar panels we reviews, it still represents a respectable standard in the solar industry.

These panels feature cells made of polycrystalline silicon with a cover of tempered glass and a maximum energy output of 245 watts.

These solar panels provide a solar efficiency rating of 15 percent, which is fairly good. Additionally, you get a maximum power voltage of 29.3 volts, a maximum power current of 8.36 amps and 60 cells per module.

The Sharp ND-Q245 modules are built to these dimensions: 64.6 inches long, 39.1 inches wide, 1.8 inches deep, and each module weighs 41.9 pounds. They run well in temperatures ranging from 40 degrees below zero to 194 degrees F. These panels are resilient enough to handle fairly significant impacts and can withstand hail that is 1 inch in diameter being whipped around by winds of up to 52 mph.

The panels can be cleaned just by rainwater, although you can make them much cleaner (and therefore maintain their peak efficiency) by cleaning them with soap and water. There are reasonably priced tools on the market you can use to wipe each panel clean manually, or you can purchase a mechanized washing system that sprays soapy water and rinse water onto each panel to ensure that dirt, debris, leaves and other materials do not mar the appearance of your panels and, worse, reduce their ability to generate electrical power.

When you buy these panels, you get Sharp’s warranty of 10 years for product materials and workmanship. That means panels can be replaced or fixed if they are determined to be faulty or no longer work according to their advertised standards if the difficulties occur through no fault of the buyer.

You also get Sharp’s 25-year limited warranty that ensures a certain level of power output. You are guaranteed 90 percent of the minimum power output for 10 years and 80 percent of the minimum power output for the remaining 15 years. That is assuming that the panels have been installed and maintained correctly, have not exposed to abnormal power voltages or surges and have not been moved from the home on which they were initially installed.

  • Solar Efficiency
  • Time to Recoup Investment
  • Warranty
  • Max. Power Wattage
  • Max. Power Voltage
  • Max. Power Current
  • Panel Cells
  1. The amount of electricity a panel converts from sunlight per surface area.
    More is Better
  2. 7  Sharp ND-Q245F
    15.0 Percentage
  3. 16.0 Percentage
  4. 15.9 Percentage
  5. 15.21 Percentage
  6. Category Average
    15.29 Percentage


These panels are made in the United State and Japan, but are considered to be American made, which is an important consideration for many consumers. They offer a healthy wattage, a fairly good solar efficiency and a reliable warranty.