Pros / The Bosch GLL 2 is capable of projecting a line with a high accuracy rating of 3/16 of an inch at 30 feet.

Cons / The company initially only offers a one-year limited warranty.

 Verdict / The Bosch GLL 2 is one of the best laser line levels we reviewed because of its projection features, leveling capabilities and versatility.

The Bosch GLL 2 is an excellent laser line level that is accurate and versatile with great projection abilities. This level features a light, compact design, which is convenient for travel and for quickly setting up. The tool comes with a clamp mount that you can attach to a variety of surfaces, and standard tripod threading, making it highly usable in a variety of situations. Because of its projection capabilities and high level of accuracy, the Bosch GLL 2 earns our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

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  • Self-leveling Compensation
  • Leveling Duration
  • Distance
  • Horizontal Fan Angle
  • Battery Life
  1. The maximum degree at which the level can be placed out of level but still project a level line.
    More is better.
  2. 2  Bosch GLL 2
    4.0 Degrees
  3. 1  DeWALT
    4.0 Degrees
  4. 3  Skil
    4.0 Degrees
  5. Category Average
    4.31 Degrees

Leveling Features

The Bosch GLL 2 is a self-leveling laser line level, meaning you don't have to tediously adjust the level to make it project a true level or plumb line against a surface. In fact, you can place the level approximately four degrees out of level and the internal pendulum will adjust the difference, making the projected line perfectly level. If the level is placed at a greater degree out of level, an LED at the top of the unit turns red and the projected lines flash, which means you have to adjust the tool at a better angle. If you bump or move the level while it is in self-leveling mode, it only takes about three seconds for it to find level again, which is convenient and fast.

However, you have the ability to lock the pendulum in place if you need to project an out-of-level line against a surface. This feature is especially useful if you want to paint a staircase wall two different colors, hang pictures at a specific angle and so on.

Projection Range

This level is capable of projecting a clean, visible line up to 30 feet away, while retaining a high level of accuracy. Indeed, at 30 feet, the level is accurate up 3/16 of an inch, which is the most accurate out of all the levels we reviewed. On top of that, the level projects the horizontal line at 120 degrees, which isn't the most impressive angle we have seen but is still noteworthy. With this wide projection range, you can cast a level line across two walls at once. This is useful for many tasks, such as hanging pictures, painting walls two colors and hanging railings.

Additionally, this level is capable of projecting single horizontal or vertical lines, as well as both lines at once, creating a cross-line laser. This feature is especially useful if you need to tile a bathroom or kitchen.


The Bosch GLL 2 is a light, compact unit that is easy to carry and move around. The tool requires two AA batteries, which are included with the tool, and they power the unit for approximately 15 hours before needing replacement. This battery life is not the best out of the laser lines we reviewed, but it is still significant, and you don't have to worry about keeping spare batteries with you at all times.

This laser line level has standard, quarter-inch tripod threading, which means you can use most camera tripods to set this level up. Included with the level is a clamp mount that extends up to 2 1/2 inches, allowing you to attach it to a number of surfaces, which enables you to use the level in a variety of places and for various scenarios.

Help & Support

Bosch offers a one-year limited warranty that protects you from faulty material or any defects with the product. You can extend this warranty to up to two years if you register the product with Bosch within eight weeks after the date of purchase. If you have any trouble with the tool, you can download the user manual from the company's website, which is very helpful. You can also search the FAQs section to see if any of your questions have already been answered. If you wish to speak to a Bosch representative, you can contact the company through email, phone or live chat.


The Bosch GLL 2 is an efficient tool that is easy to set up and use within moments to create a perfectly level or plumb line. The cross-line laser level projects lines at a wide angle, allowing you to cast a line across an entire room, which can save you the time of finding the same level line over and over. This level can also project an accurate line against a surface up to 30 feet away, which isn't the best we have seen but is still effective. Ultimately, this is a great laser line level that can serve you in a variety of ways for any type of project you encounter.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Help & Support

Limited Warranty
1 Year
Online Manual
Live Chat


Length (inches)
Width (inches)
Height (inches)
Weight (pounds)
Requires Batteries
2 AA
Battery Life (hours)
Tripod Mountable
Built-in Mount
Magnetic Mount
Clamp Mount
Suction Cup Mount
Adhesive Mount

Leveling Features

Self-leveling Compensation (degrees)
Leveling Duration (seconds)
Out-of-Level Indicator
Manual Lock

Projection Range

Distance (feet)
Horizontal Fan Angle (degrees)
Height Accuracy (inches)
Cross Beam
Individual Beams