Pros / The Cross90 has several mount options that make it accessible and easy to use.

Cons / This laser line level does not come with a tripod.

 Verdict / Stanley’s Cross90 is a good laser line level with basic features and helpful mounts, but Cross 90 does not offer a tripod and it costs more than similar models.

The Cross90 is a good laser line level. The real benefit with this laser is the mount options. If you are working on a project that requires angles or extended height, this laser line level will do a better job than most we reviewed.

Stanley’s Cross90 has helpful leveling features like a self-leveling pendulum, which sets the laser lines straight for you rather than using a bubble level. The pendulum will be level within three and a half seconds of setting up the tool, which is much faster and more accurate than using a traditional bubble level. With this level, you can lock the pendulum in place so that it does not move at all; you would want to do that so you can set the device at an angle without the laser beams disappearing.

The Cross90 has different indicator lights than most. Rather than flash when the beams are not level, the beams on this device just disappear. Luckily, the lock allows you to set the beams at an angle without them going out so you can project an angle, say for hanging pictures on the stairs.

The Stanley Cross90 has a higher-than-average projection range of 50 feet and a high fan angle at 130 degrees, which means your beams will project farther and wider than other models for large-scale projects. The beams project horizontal and vertical lines, and there is an additional beam that projects to the side. The side beam can be used to create an extra line on an adjacent wall.

This particular laser line level has a strong battery life of 15 consecutive hours and only needs two AA batteries. It also has a standard tripod thread, which means it will be compatible with the majority of tripods on the market. The downside is that this device does not come with a tripod included. Other models with similar features are less expensive and include a tripod. What you can't get with other laser line levels, though, are the extensive mount options.

The Cross90 has four tracks on its body and includes a clamp mount that clips onto a surface of your choice. You can tighten the clamp to attach the level to a counter, TV stand, bookshelf or railing. The part that attaches to the device connects with a pivoting ball, so you can rotate the level into any position or angle: upside down, straight up, on its side or whatever suits your needs. To use the clamp, you just tighten the pivot points and secure the clamp to the tracks on the level.

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  • Self-leveling Compensation
  • Leveling Duration
  • Distance
  • Horizontal Fan Angle
  • Battery Life
  1. The maximum degree at which the level can be placed out of level but still project a level line.
    More is better.
  2. 4  Stanley
    4.0 Degrees
  3. 1  DeWALT
    4.0 Degrees
  4. 4.0 Degrees
  5. 3  Skil
    4.0 Degrees
  6. Category Average
    4.31 Degrees


The Cross90 is a very useful laser line level for projects that require versatile mounts, and it comes with a two-year limited warranty and excellent help and support features from Stanley. However, without a tripod included, you are paying more for the basics.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Help & Support

Limited Warranty
2 Years
Online Manual
Live Chat

Projection Range

Distance (feet)
Horizontal Fan Angle (degrees)
Height Accuracy (inches)
Cross Beam
Individual Beams

Leveling Features

Self-leveling Compensation (degrees)
Leveling Duration (seconds)
Out-of-Level Indicator
Manual Lock


Length (inches)
Width (inches)
Height (inches)
Weight (pounds)
Requires Batteries
2 AA
Battery Life (hours)
Tripod Mountable
Built-in Mount
Magnetic Mount
Clamp Mount
Suction Cup Mount
Adhesive Mount