Pros / The Armor All Car Vac is one of the few vacuums that has a water-suction feature.

Cons / This vacuum is not very good at cleaning pet hair; in our tests, it took over 30 passes to suck it up completely.

 Verdict / The Armor All Car Vacuum is good choice for simple messes and wet spills, and its design and lightweight plastic housing make it very portable.

Sodas, sports drinks, pet messes and leftover cereal may be staples in your vehicle if you have kids or four-legged friends. Car vacuum cleaners are great for combatting everyday messes in your car. The Armor All Car Vacuum plugs into your car's lighter outlet so you can clean debris anywhere you drive. It earns the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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  1. Percentage score from our battery of cleaning tests.
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  2. 3  Armor All Car Vac
    80.0 %
  3. 95.0 %
  4. 100.0 %
  5. Category Average
    84.0 %

Vacuuming Performance

In our car vacuum tests, the Armor All Car Vac didn’t perform as well as our other award winners, but it earned an overall 80 percent when our performance tests were complete. In our suction tests, it sucked up 3.5 ounces of screws in a matter of five seconds, which is about the average of all the best car vacuum cleaners in our lineup. The test it performed most poorly on was pet hair; it took over 30 passes to completely clear up dog hair.

What this car vacuum lacks in test results it makes up for in accessories that few models come with. For example, this is one of only three products we reviewed that can clean up wet messes, which is great if you happen to spill a drink or your pet has an accident in your car while you’re driving.


This is a perfect vacuum cleaner to keep in your car trunk, mostly because it plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter. This eliminates the need to run a long cord to your car from a wall socket. The 36-inch cord should be more than long enough to reach anywhere in your car you want to clean. It also comes with a convenient storage case that allows you to tuck it away in your trunk for whenever you need it.

At a mere 1.8 pounds, this is the lightest car vac on our side-by-side comparison chart. You won’t get tired pushing this vacuum around on your rugs or upholstery. You do need to be gentle with it, as it has the potential to break if you use it too aggressively.

Ease of Use

The Armor All auto vac has a couple on-board accessories to help you reach debris in your car. The vacuum comes with a slide-out crevice tool and brush attachment. Both of these tools are useful, but the crevice tool is also delicate. You need to take extra care not to break it, especially because it snaps out before it folds into place.

Help & Support

The plastic on this car vacuum is delicate, so you may need repairs or replacement if you opt to purchase it. If you need to repair or replace the Armor All car vac, the warranty lasts for a full year. In addition, we found customer support on Armor All's website via email, phone and a frequently asked questions page.


The Armor All Car Vacuum is super portable. It's light and comes with a coiled cord and storage bag, so you can safely keep it in your car for any unexpected mess. The Armor All didn't perform perfectly in our tests, but it's one of few car vacs that cleans wet messes. In addition, its added accessories more than make up for what it lacks in pure suction power and durability.

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