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Bissell CleanView Deluxe Review

PROS / The vacuum comes with an extendable hose for navigation.

CONS / It had trouble with hard surfaces.

 VERDICT / The Bissell CleanView Deluxe is a fine handheld vacuum for cleaning carpet and cleaning in tight spots.

The Bissell CleanView Deluxe Handheld Vacuum includes an extendable hose, a clear dirt cup, and a simple, lightweight design. It performed well on carpet and struggled on hard surfaces in our tests. This hand vac doesn't have a rechargeable battery, so the extra cord makes it heavier for you to carry around.

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This corded handheld vacuum is one of the best overall at picking up dust in carpet. The combs that extend out of the head help it dig into the bristles and pick up the deepest sawdust. For hardwood, we found it best to switch to the wide-mouth tool, but it still had trouble picking up large pieces. It took nine passes to finish the job in our test, which is on the high side.

  1. The overall weight of the vacuum.
    Less is Better
  2. 4 Bissell CleanView
    4.6 Pounds
  3. 3.2 Pounds
  4. 4.2 Pounds
  5. 4.8 Pounds
  6. Category Average
    3.86 Pounds

For pet hair, it picked up an adequate 85 percent, which is not as much as the best vacs, but better than most. It really stood out in the car seat test, though. We spread sawdust all over a standard car seat, including in hard-to-reach areas, and the hose and attachments worked perfectly. The crevice tool is ultra-thin and long, which allows it to dig into deeper areas of the seat.

At 4.6 pounds, this is the second-heaviest hand vac we tested. With the motor running, the vibration on your hand makes it a bit hard for you to hold it for extended periods. The handle is also at an odd angle and not attached to the head, which sacrifices leverage. On the bright side, the hose is a nice feature that removes the burden of carrying it around. You can set the vacuum down on the ground or counter and navigate the mess with the hose.

A huge positive is how quiet this vacuum is compared to the best handheld vacuums. We measured its loudest range at a low 83.3 dB. For comparison, the loudest vacuum in our lineup reaches more than twice this volume.

The website for Bissell feels bulky and hard to navigate, but all the usual customer service options are available, including a phone line, email and FAQs section. The company doesn't offer live chat like some others. The warranty on the hand vac is one year, which is shorter than some of the warranties other manufacturers offer.


The Bissell CleanView Deluxe is a good handheld vacuum if you need a quiet motor and primarily use it for spot-cleaning carpet. It isn't the best at hardwood, and its need to be plugged in makes it less appealing if you're using it for a car. We like the design, the clear dustbin and the fine combs on the head, but the odd angled handle is a bit difficult to use.

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