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Black & Decker Dustbuster Review

PROS / The battery lasts for 19 minutes, which is one of the longest times we found.

CONS / The head has low suction and doesn't perform well on hardwood.

 VERDICT / The Black & Decker Dustbuster is great for tight areas, but it isn't the best choice for pet owners.

The Black & Decker Dustbuster handheld vacuum is battery-powered, lightweight and powerful. It features cyclonic action, which keeps the filter clean and makes it easier for you to empty. The wide-mouth design helps it with picking up large debris.

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The head of this handheld vacuum cleaner is designed differently from most we tested. Hand vacs tend to be wide and thin, but this is thicker and more like a long nozzle. Because of this, it felt like there was less suction. This cordless handheld vacuum is fine on carpet, but it resists picking up dust on hard surfaces.

  1. The overall weight of the vacuum.
    Less is Better
  2. 5 Black & Decker Dustbuster
    4.1 Pounds
  3. 3.2 Pounds
  4. 4.2 Pounds
  5. 4.8 Pounds
  6. Category Average
    3.86 Pounds

In our pet hair tests, it picked up about 85 percent of the hair, which is good but not great. A big advantage to its thin design, though, is the hand vac's ability to reach difficult spots and crevices. We spread sawdust on a car seat, and the vacuum was able to work in and out of tough spots.

We tested how long the rechargeable battery ran before it needed to be docked, and were impressed with the results. This vacuum lasts 19 minutes, the second longest in the lineup and more than enough time for hard jobs like cleaning your vehicle. One downside is that, to achieve a full charge, it takes a full 24 hours on the charger. This might be inconvenient if you need it for quick spills at a birthday party.

At 91.7 dB, the Dustbuster is right in the middle of the lineup for volume. There isn't a lot of friction when it's on, and the handle is comfortable. Most of the power is near the tip, so you don't feel a lot of vibration. The clear dustbin lets you know when the hand vac is full. When you need to empty it, the dust comes out easily. The vacuum has a cyclonic motor, which whirls the dust around and helps it avoid clumping.

Black & Decker doesn't have the most user-friendly website. It does offer a customer service phone line, but it takes a few clicks to find it. There is an email form and good FAQs section. The manufacturer also offers a two-year warranty, which is great for your peace of mind.


The Black & Decker Dustbuster is a decent handheld vacuum for your home, but it feels like it belongs in a car. It has a long charge time, a good nozzle for tight spots and a comfortable feel. This isn't the best vacuum for big messes, but it's good for weekly cleanings.

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