The Vapamore MR-50 is perfect for spot cleaning carpet, furniture or hardwood floors and car seats because it's handheld. It costs about as much as an average upright steam vacuum cleaner. However, it's one of the best steam vacuums for pet owners because it's a portable alternative to professional steam cleaning services.

You can use the vacuum mode for wet spills like pet urine or dirt on hard flooring or carpeting. Then you can flip on the wet or dry steam options to saturate the stain and scrub it with the brush attachment. The steam function has a quick setup: You only need to fill it with water and it takes 20 seconds to heat up. The MR-50 won't steam and vacuum simultaneously, though.

Since this is a steamer, you don't have to worry about chemicals around your pets or children. You'll have to use distilled water, but you won't have to keep buying detergents. It has a 1,300-watt heater, which is typical for a full upright steam vacuum cleaner. However, having a water heater in a handheld steam vacuum tends to affect the suction power, so it could leave the carpet wet.

The power cord measures 10 feet, which isn't a problem for a handheld steam vacuum, but you'll have to stay close to an outlet. The MR-50 weighs about 5 pounds, which is slightly heavier than an average handheld vacuum but still manageable. However, the tank only holds about a cup of water, so it won't be able to handle large stains.

This Vapamore has wheels to make it easy to maneuver, and it comes with a carpet and upholstery brush and a squeegee attachment. The long metal steam-cleaning tool is a nice bonus. The dust collection filter and dirty water tank are inside one unit so when you need to clean the machine, you just remove the tank and rinse them out.

Vapamore's steam vac has an impressive lifetime warranty on parts and labor. The company website has a phone number and an email contact form for support, and you'll find how-to videos and downloadable manuals, as well.

The MR-50 is a good addition to your cleaning arsenal. The attachments are a plus to an already convenient handheld steam vac. While it's on the more expensive side for a handheld unit, it's a handy touch-up tool for everyday use.

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