Pros / The Motorola Boom is comfortable and stays secure on your ear.

Cons / Other headsets do a better job of isolating your voice and blocking background noise.

 Verdict / The Motorola Boom is an inexpensive Bluetooth headset. It may not have the longest battery life, but it has decent sound quality and a comfortable fit.

The Motorola Boom is a basic in-ear Bluetooth headset that is affordable and lightweight. Despite its cheap-feeling plastic body, the headset has strong voice and audio quality. It's quite tiny and inconspicuous, weighing less than a half an ounce. You flip the microphone out to power it on, and it immediately pairs with your phone. There are just two buttons on the headset: a volume rocker and one for answering and ending calls.

After spending several hours testing the Boom, we found that it does an OK job isolating your voice from background noise. However, on a windy day, the person you are talking to may find it difficult to hear you. On our side of things, we were able to hear the caller without any major issues.

Some other headsets actually have a seal, which blocks external noise. This one just rests on the outside of your ear canal. It sort of feels like one of Apple's EarPods that are included with the iPhone. It remains secure by using a small clear hook, which hugs your outer ear. We didn't find the hook uncomfortable or obnoxious, and it does an effective job of keeping the headset steady. When we ran up and down stairs, the Boom never fell off or required adjusting, and if you head bang to music, it'll stay in, too.

Although, most people prefer to use a pair of earbuds to listen to music, you can wirelessly play your stored music or music on streaming apps through the headset. We tested its maximum volume using a decibel meter. The Bluetooth earpiece reached 44 dB when playing the song "Love Me" by the 1975. On average, the headsets in our review reached a volume of 50 dB.

The headset only has a few buttons, but you can use them to perform a number of functions. For example, a telemarketer called while we were testing, and we simply pressed and held down the volume up key to reject the call. If you want to redial the last number you called, you just press and hold the call button. In addition, Siri and Google Assistant are just a tap away, which makes sending text messages a breeze.

As far as battery life is concerned, Motorola says you should get around six hours of talk time with the Boom. During our tests, we got 5.5 hours of use before the headset needed to recharge. Fortunately, the headset supports rapid charge, so 15 minutes of charging provides you with 2.5 hours of talk time.

If you should have any problems, questions or concerns, Motorola provides an extensive support system online for the Boom. Its website includes a FAQs page and access to a downloadable manual where you can find helpful solutions to problems like pairing issues.

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Although the Motorola Boom isn't the most premium Bluetooth headset and doesn’t have the longest battery life, it is lightweight, comfortable and has good sound quality. It’s an easy-to-use, barebones Bluetooth headset that is inconspicuous and stays on your ear.

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