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Pros / Despite being a small company, CREDO offers big-carrier features like subsidized phones and family share plans.

Cons / Its device selection is extremely limited, with mostly iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices available.

 Verdict / CREDO Mobile's plans are pricey, but if you want part of your monthly bill to support progressive nonprofit groups, CREDO is a perfect match.

CREDO Mobile claims to be America's only politically progressive and socially active phone company. It’s one of the few cell phone companies that still offer contract-based cell phone plans and subsidized phones, alongside installment plans, but CREDO’s real selling point is activism and belief in social change.
The carrier contributes part of its earnings to nonprofits and activist efforts, most of which lean to the left of the political spectrum. Members vote each month on how the funds are distributed, and they often go to groups working on issues like women’s rights, social justice, the environment, etc. If you share CREDO's ideology and want to help fund those efforts, it can be a fun and exciting alternative to the bigger carriers. If, on the other hand, you don't agree with CREDO's stances or are simply searching for the best cell phone plans, its offerings are overpriced.

CREDO's prices are among the most expensive in the business, and the carrier lacks an unlimited data plan. If you want a single line plan with unlimited talk and text and 1GB of data, you're looking at $50 per month, not including the cost of the phone. That would be palatable if it were more competitive with the best cell phone services from other carriers. While CREDO has the exact same coverage as Sprint and has comparable features in its plans, it costs you much more every month. Paying more for fundamentally identical service probably is only worthwhile if you agree with CREDO's ideology and want to support the causes it funds. The company publishes the organizations it contributes to each month on its website.

CREDO Mobile offers only a few phones from two manufacturers: Apple and Samsung. If you already intend to buy a top-of-the-line device like an iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the cost might not be a detractor for you, but it means there aren’t many less costly options to choose from. Aside from Samsung's Galaxy line or an iPhone, the only other choice for a phone is a Samsung Gusto 3 flip phone. Plus, you can buy the phones either subsidized or on an installment plan, so the high price of those devices needn’t be a great deterrent. Nevertheless, the best cell phone providers make a point of featuring a wide selection of devices; having so few options here is noticeable.

  • Cost of Individual Plan
  • Cost of Family Plan
  • Restocking Fee
  • Activation Fee
  1. The cost of an average single-line plan with at least 3GB of data.
    (cheaper is better)
  2. 10  CREDO Mobile
  3. $55.0
  4. $40.0
  5. 3  AT&T
  6. Category Average


As an activist phone company that supports liberal ideals, CREDO Mobile provides a unique avenue for you to affect political and social change – provided you agree with its ideology. As a cell phone provider competing for your dollar, on the other hand, you pay a premium for the exact same service you can find at other cell phone carriers with cheaper cell phone plans.

CREDO Mobile Visit Site