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Pros / This company doesn’t charge an extra fee to pull your initial credit report.

Cons / You have to sign up for the highest tier of service to dispute negative items with creditors.

 Verdict / Though Credit Saint is one of the most affordable services that we researched, it’s most affordable tier doesn’t offer services we feel are essential for great credit repair.

Credit Saint offers credit repair services to people who want to remove negative items from their credit reports and raise their credit score. This company offers three tiers of service, so you can choose to pay for the level that best fits your situation. Unfortunately, Credit Saint’s lowest tier doesn’t cover disputes with creditors but this company still charges fees as high as companies that cover disputes.

This credit repair company doesn’t offer the quality education that we saw in the best credit repair companies. There is no explanation of credit repair strategies or credit laws on the website. The best credit repair services teach you what damages your credit and what you need to do to fix your credit going forward.

Credit Saint does offer an online portal to help you check the progress of your disputes and to follow along in the credit repair process. Unlike other companies in our review, Credit Saint doesn’t assign you one agent, as they can’t be available 24/7 for your case. They assign a team of four people who can answer your questions as you go through the credit repair process.

The three tiers of service this company offers allow you to pick which kind of credit repair will work best in your situation. The three tiers, in order of services offered and price, are Polish, Remodel and Clean Slate. All the tiers offer basic credit repair services, but Polish only disputes five items at a time. Remodel will dispute 10 negative items while Clean Slate will dispute an unlimited number of disputes. Most companies we researched only dispute five to seven negative items per month, so the 10 disputes with this company’s Remodel service is higher than the average. However, disputing too many negative items per month can lead credit bureaus to flag your disputes as frivolous, so you should consult with a credit advisor before sending off large numbers of disputes.

One downside to this tiered approach is that the tier which sends dispute letters to creditors is almost $100 a month and requires an initial fee that is $100 more expensive than the majority of companies we reviewed. Sending dispute letters to creditors is something we feel is necessary to effectively use credit repair services.

Credit Saint doesn’t charge you extra to pull your credit report like many of the companies we reviewed. However, restricting dispute letters to the highest tier of service means that you might end up paying much more for this service than if you pay for a credit report from a different company.

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Credit Saint’s high costs and poor credit education relegate this credit repair company to a low ranking in our review. Because you have to pay so much for access to creditors, and because the initial setup fee is high, we recommend you choose a higher-ranked company in our review that offers more features. Credit repair has a cost, no matter which company you choose, but it can be worth it if your score improves and you can qualify for better lending rates.

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