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Bushnell Marine Review

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PROS / The Bushnell Marine's waterproof design and ability to float make it great to use when boating.

CONS / The lack of a central focusing knob makes the focus difficult to adjust.

 VERDICT / The Bushnell Marine is a good set of binoculars for boating, but they are the least easy binoculars to use overall.

The Bushnell Marine is designed to be used on a boat. The rubber armor gives you a firm grip even when these binoculars are wet, and they're waterproof and fogproof. This is also the only pair we reviewed that can float. These are great conveniences for boating and other outdoor adventures, but other inconveniences hold these binoculars back in ease of use.

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The 7x magnification makes these binoculars best for boating, sports events and other fast-paced viewing activities. With large objective lenses of 50 millimeters in diameter, you can see bright images when using them in low-light settings, such as the forest at dusk or dawn when you go hunting or birdwatching.

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    More is better.
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  6. Category Average
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At 127 meters, these binoculars have the widest field of view of all the binoculars we evaluated. This means you can easily track fast-paced action at a sporting event or in a speeding boat. However, the Bushnell Marine doesn't have twist-up eyecups, so you might have difficulty getting the eyecups into place, especially if you wear glasses.

As part of our review, we asked participants to rate the optical qualities of each pair of binoculars. In general, our participants found images were blurry with the Bushnell Marine. One participant also had difficulties with the focus, and it was these issues that contributed to the Bushnell Marine receiving our lowest rating for ease of use.

This is the only set of binoculars we reviewed that doesn't have a central focusing knob. This means you have to adjust each eyepiece individually. We found the best way to adjust the focus was to close one eye and adjust the focus, then adjust the focus for the other lens the same way. The lack of a central focusing knob can be a plus, as you can adjust one eyepiece to focus on an object that's far away and the other to focus on a close object, but then you can't look through both eyepieces at the same time. It can also be a drawback if you want to quickly focus on something.

The Bushnell Marine is on the heavier side with a weight of 36 ounces. Some of our survey participants found it heavy and awkward, while others found it lightweight. If you experience arm fatigue or want to see the steadiest images, you can set it up on a tripod with a binocular tripod adapter.

Bushnell offers a limited lifetime warranty for the binoculars. The warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship, but not damage from misuse, abuse or unauthorized repairs. You can check out the FAQs page to find answers to many of your questions. For more information, you can contact the company by phone or email.


With its rugged, waterproof design and ability to float, the Bushnell Marine is suited for use on a boat. Although the lack of a central focusing knob can be a plus in allowing you to focus close up with one eyepiece and far away with the other, it also makes the focus difficult to adjust, especially if you need to focus on something quickly. Overall, these binoculars are conveniently durable but the least easy to use of all those we reviewed.

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