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Pros / The Celestron SkyMaster has one of the highest magnifications out of all the binoculars we reviewed, allowing you to stargaze or view long ranges when hunting.

Cons / The high magnification makes the use of a tripod necessary to avoid shaky images.

 Verdict / The Celestron SkyMaster produces clear images, but with the heavy weight and high magnification, you'll want to use a tripod to get the clearest images.

In our tests, images appeared crisp and clean through the Celestron SkyMaster's lenses. These binoculars use BAK-4 prisms, a high-quality material that produces bright, crisp images. This pair of binoculars also has multicoated lenses, which brightens images by allowing more light to pass through.

The binoculars have 15x magnification, which is one of the highest magnifications of all the binoculars we reviewed. This high magnification makes them best for long-range hunting, landscape viewing and stargazing. It also means that even small hand movements create shaky images, so you'll want to use the binoculars with a tripod, which you have to purchase separately.

The binoculars have 70-millimeter objectives lenses, which is the largest lens diameter of the binoculars we reviewed. This means the lenses at the front of the binoculars allow more light to be directed to your eyes, resulting in brighter images and making the binoculars ideal for low-light settings, or at dawn or dusk for hunting. At 77 meters, the field of view is the lowest of all the binoculars we tested. This makes these some of the best binoculars for stargazing or long-range hunting, but not for watching birds and the fast-paced action of sports.

Participants in our survey found this set of binoculars heavy, and, at 48 ounces, the Celestron SkyMaster is the heaviest pair we reviewed. To prevent arm fatigue when using it for an extended time, you'll again want to use a tripod.

The binoculars are fogproof, but are only water-resistant, not waterproof, so you'll want to be cautious when using it in wet conditions. The eye relief is 18 millimeters, so you can use the binoculars with your eyeglasses on, but they don't have twist-up eyecups to allow you to easily adjust how far your eyes are from the optics.

Like all the binocular manufacturers we reviewed, Celestron offers a limited lifetime warranty that covers repairs or replacements for defective components, but not damage from normal wear and tear. Should you need to contact customer service, you can first review a FAQs page on the Celestron website. A live chat feature on the website provides quick access to the technical support team, or you can reach the company by email or telephone.

  • Magnification
  • Objective Lens
  • Exit Pupil
  • Field of View
  1. The power at which the viewing field is magnified.
    More is better.
  2. 11  Celestron SkyMaster
    15.0 X
  3. 12.0 X
  4. 10.0 X
  5. 8.0 X
  6. Category Average
    10.65 X


The Celestron SkyMaster is a good set of binoculars that produces clear images and is ideal for hunting, stargazing or landscape viewing. With the largest objective lenses of all the binoculars we reviewed, this pair provides bright images in low-light settings. Ultimately, though, the heavy weight and high single magnification setting that require the use of a tripod keep it from being one of our top choices.

Celestron SkyMaster 15x70 Visit Site