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Black Diamond Titan Review

The Black Diamond Titan Lantern emits bright light and has dual reflectors to enhance that light and a split ring so you can hang it up. It comes with a dimmer to save on energy, compacts down to save space, and provides a wide area of illumination for camping, backpacking or emergency lighting in your home.

This camping lantern comes with a large power button to dim the light or make it brighter. The construction is conducive to camping, with a rubberized bottom to protect it from water or damp ground, and the solid top illuminates the area while carrying it, but the light does not distract you by shining in your face. The lantern is small at 6.5 x 9.8 inches, and it compresses to 7.9 inches high to free valuable space for packing your gear. A nice feature of this battery-powered lantern is that when you collapse it, it covers the power button to protect from battery waste.

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The LED bulb in this camping light puts out up to 250 lumens in a 360-degree area, which is sufficient to light a room. On the lowest setting, it puts out about 16 lumens. The runtime for this lantern on low is about 168 hours, while on high it can operate for about 24 hours before requiring a battery change.

This LED camping light uses four D-cell batteries, which is average for a lantern of this type. It also has a lighting display that shows you when the batteries are on full charge, partially drained or empty. While weight is not important when using a lantern at home, it is when camping or hiking, since you want to avoid any unnecessary weight. This lantern weighs 1 pound, 8 ounces, and adding batteries increases that weight, which should be a consideration before you take it with you.

The combination of a frosted finish on the globe and the reflectors makes this lantern capture the light and project it to cover an area up to 45 feet in diameter. Another added feature of this outdoor camping lantern is a split ring that gives you more options as to where you hang it.

The Black Diamond Titan Lantern offers multiple features, such as reflectors that light a large area, a button that lets you choose the intensity of the light and a long runtime. This camping light is also collapsible so that it takes up less space in your tent or backpack and has a waterproof bottom to help it stay dry.

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