Pros / Apple provides readily available customer support.

Cons / iTunes is not available for gaming consoles.

 Verdict / The ease of use and huge TV library make iTunes a great place to catch up on your favorite shows, but you won’t be able to watch iTunes programs on your TV without Apple TV.

When it comes to the widespread availability of downloadable media, iTunes has long held the crown. While it was primarily started to make music downloading easy, this streaming service has branched out to audiobooks, movies and TV series. Because nearly every computer operating system can run iTunes, people have great access to the streaming TV library that runs in this media player. However, playback of your downloaded series will be affected by what devices you prefer to use.

The benefit of iTunes is the guarantee that every show will be made available for download the day after it airs. Not only can you keep up to date with your favorite television shows, but you can also download past seasons at a discounted price. The access makes it a great way to watch TV online. You also get the option to stream TV shows in HD for $2.99. However, it does not create any original or exclusive content that you can't find on other downloadable services.

This online TV service is missing small features, which holds it back from competing with the best internet TV services. iTunes does not work with gaming consoles, smart TVs or Roku apps. If you watch your library from an iPad or iPhone, then this won't be an issue. However, the only way you can enjoy your downloaded programs on your big screen TV is to have the Apple TV accessory.

The iTunes platform is easy to use. All you need is an account with your credit card information and then you can download at will. It helps that there are no advertisements associated with any part of the process. In terms of help and support, Apple has a great system. If you have issues with downloading, chances are you are not the first. The company's question forum is endless, and you will easily find ways to solve the problem based on what others have gone through. If that doesn't work, Apple provides live chat to quickly solve whatever you are dealing with.

  • Ease of Use
  1. How easy each site's interface is to use
    Percentage (More is Better)
  2. 9  iTunes
    85.0 Percentage
  3. 100.0 Percentage
  4. 90.0 Percentage
  5. 3  Hulu
    95.0 Percentage
  6. Category Average
    85.0 Percentage


As a brand, Apple knows what it's doing, but as an internet TV site, iTunes isn’t as streamlined as the best streaming television services. While it has a large library of media, there are no apps available for common devices like gaming consoles or smart TVs.