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Netflix Review

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PROS / The original content is worth the price alone.

CONS / Current seasons of TV shows are not available.

 VERDICT / For the ease of use, personalization and enjoyment, Netflix provides the best value of streaming TV sites.

The entry of Netflix into the DVD-by-mail market signaled the end of brick-and-mortar video stores. As a corporation, Netflix quickly learned that video consumers don't want to deal with retail clerks, waiting in line or paying late fees. Within a few years, Netflix evolved its business model and incorporated a growing library of streaming TV and movies. As Blockbuster and Hollywood Video are both now extinct, it's clear that consumers have taken to the online TV model, and Netflix is clearly leading the competition.

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The constantly updated library includes full series, allowing you to binge-watch at your leisure, as well as exclusive content that appeals to niche viewers. The compatibility of Netflix apps, the ease of use and the massive backlog of television shows are the reasons that Netflix deserves our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for internet TV sites.

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Even if you don't include the library of streaming movies, this web TV service clearly dominates the field in terms of sheer number of available series, both classic and new. Not only are you able to watch multiple seasons of your favorite show from one of the big four networks, but you will also have seasons of the best series from cable channels, with the exception of HBO.

The area where Netflix suffers is its availability of current seasons. While Netflix has begun to make deals with production companies to get seasons more quickly, currently you will have to wait an average of 10 months for the latest season to debut on Netflix. If you watch a completed series like "24" or "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," you won't have an issue. However, if you want to see why everyone is buzzing about last night's “Walking Dead” episode, you won't have the luxury of joining in on the conversation for nearly a year.

While competing online TV services are producing original content, Netflix has the crown. Original series like "House of Cards" and "Orange is the New Black" are major critical competitors to award-winning cable TV series. Also, because Netflix doesn't operate with the restrictions and strict Nielsen ratings guidelines of a cable production company, it has chosen to restore hope to particular audiences. Several years after the critically acclaimed series "Arrested Development" was canceled, Netflix revived it. And when "The Killing" suffered a premature death on AMC, Netflix chose to bring it back for one last season and give fans closure. Netflix is truly a company that knows its audience.


While Netflix debuted with a computer-only online TV model; it has grown a great deal of added apps for every smart device available. The streaming service is accessed using smart TVs, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, tablets and smartphones. Essentially, anything with an internet connection can access streaming TV through Netflix.

Netflix has branded its own version of 1080p high definition with what it calls Super HD. The applicable shows with the high-quality feature will show the Super HD tag in the item description. Of course, whether or not you get the HD quality depends on your internet speed. For the best quality, you should have an internet connection running over 7Mb/s. This service is also rumored to be preparing for the next wave of high-definition: 4K technology.

The old instant queue has now become "My List." Every time you see a movie or TV series that you'd eventually like to watch, you can add it to your list. The more shows you watch and rate, the better and more taste-specific shows you will be recommended.

User Experience

It doesn't take long to get the hang of Netflix. After you sign up for an account, you answer a brief questionnaire about what types of movies and TV shows you like. It then produces a list of recommended content that you can start watching immediately. If the Netflix recommendations aren't to your liking, or if you have a particular show you want to watch, the service's search function is quite intuitive and effective at finding titles available in its streaming library.

Netflix has managed to personalize movie selection even further with the option to create multiple viewer profiles. For example, if you watch action movies and don't want a Strawberry Shortcake cartoon recommended to you, there is the option of creating a profile for your kids. When you log in to that specific profile, it will take you to the Netflix Kids section and not show any mature-themed television shows or movies.

A major benefit of Netflix is the lack of any on-screen advertising. Episodes will run as soon as they buffer, with no promotional fluff in between.

Help & Support

We were impressed with the high level of quality when it comes to this streaming service's support options. At one point, we ran into an issue of the movie library not appearing. The first avenue is the FAQs. Netflix has dealt with every problem you can think of and spells out the solution for each. If you prefer to get help directly, there are also options for email and phone support. In our particular case, we used live chat. A representative started chatting immediately and didn't waste time with corporate lingo. When we expended nearly every option to make the library appear, they stayed on live chat until we found the issue, which was a necessary update to the computer. We admire the company's level of dedication for seemingly small issues.


Netflix is a no-brainer if you are looking for an easy-to-attain media outlet. It's a simple solution for anyone who's ever contemplated quitting cable or satellite TV and is looking to save money. Once you sign up, it will be all too easy to relax, turn on Netflix and enjoy a 20- to 40-minute episode of your favorite television show. While this internet TV service does not host current seasons in production, it has the best features and exclusive content that make the price more than worth it.

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