Pros / Veoh provides a wide variety of shows, many of which you can't find on other services.

Cons / Some of the user-generated content is unrelated to TV.

 Verdict / The selection and ease of Veoh are the compelling factors for choosing this service.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Veoh actually has a pretty wide selection of videos, partly because Veoh sometimes streams video directly from other Internet TV sites, like Hulu. This isn’t a bad strategy considering that it significantly expands Veoh’s library without requiring it to store the video. 

Veoh is also notable for housing episodes of shows from the ABC and CBS networks, both of which aren’t known to syndicate full episodes to many other Internet TV sites. If you’re a fan of ABC or CBS, you’ll probably enjoy spending most of your time on Veoh because it has what you’re looking for.

However, this large video library couldn’t carry Veoh higher in our review because the site is a bit of a mess. The biggest reason for this is the fact that Veoh also hosts user-submitted videos (much like YouTube or MetaCafe). These user videos are sometimes clips of TV episodes, but often they are unrelated to TV at all.

Even with all the clutter, Veoh is still a great site and very useful for finding the shows that you like.


As we just mentioned, the keyword for Veoh’s content is cluttered. More than any other site we reviewed, we found Veoh to have a lot of irrelevant and misleading clips mixed in with all the full episodes we were looking for. This is largely due to the user-submitted videos on the site, meaning your search results for full episodes of a certain show might be littered with tons of user content that you aren’t interested in. All the unprofessional user clips make the site look amateur when you’re looking for the professionally produced shows you see on TV.

A similar problem is that Veoh has lots of clips from shows that they don’t have full episodes for. You may see the clips and think that there will also be full episodes, but then find out there are none.

Having said that, Veoh does have a pretty good library of shows at your disposal. You can find shows from most of the major networks, and Veoh is noted for being one of the few sites that has full episodes of ABC and CBS shows.


Part of the problem with having a site that feels cluttered is that it also makes it hard to navigate. Fortunately, things get a little clearer if you click on the link that narrows down the content specifically to TV shows. There, you are presented with an alphabetical list of the TV shows that are available with little icons that indicate if there are full episodes available for you to watch.

The search feature isn’t as useful as it should be because of all the extraneous content on the site. If you search for a particular show, you may possibly get full episodes in the results, but it’s also likely that Veoh will include associated clips and a few user videos that Veoh has pulled from Youtube. Basically, the fact that Veoh doesn’t specialize specifically on Internet TV makes it harder to use when that’s what you’re looking for.

There’s one more significant problem with Veoh that makes it annoying to use: the proprietary player. When you view videos that Veoh streams directly from Hulu, you can see the video directly in your browser, but when you view videos from some other networks, ABC for instance, you must download a special player. That’s just annoying. Other sites don’t make us do that, why should this one? 

User Experience

Veoh has an extensive community for you to participate in. It probably started with the user-submitted content, but it has expanded to include the TV shows, making it possible to interact with other people, rate your favorite videos, comment on them and discuss them in channels and forums. This is a huge attraction to some people because they not only want to watch Internet TV, they want to mingle with other people who have the same tastes.

Veoh allows you to create a list of favorites, rate them and then share them with other people. You can do this through email invitations or by embedding the videos in your website or blog. 

Help & Support

Getting help with Veoh’s videos might be a complicated process simply because Veoh pulls video from so many places. But there are several ways to get help from Veoh if you experience technical problems. The fastest way to solve basic problems is through consulting the FAQ page. There, you can find answers to the most common complaints. There is also a user guide to help you understand how the site works and how to use all the features.

One of the most useful ways to get help is through the user forums. Other people who have experienced the same problems can post solutions and tips they have found useful. If none of these methods work for you, you can also get more personalized help by emailing the Veoh support group. 


Veoh isn’t necessarily the prettiest site, nor the easiest to navigate, but it does have a wide selection of content. You’ll be able to find almost anything you want here. One of the main problems that keeps Veoh from ranking higher is the clips and user-submitted videos that clutter the site and get mixed in with the search results.

Veoh’s greatest strength is the community that is built around its videos. If you want interaction along with entertaining TV shows, Veoh is definitely the place to hang out.