If you want to know how much you’ll be paying for your tickets while you’re browsing, SeatGeek offers the most transparent pricing of any of the sports ticket websites we researched. By toggling a switch at the top of the search bar, you can choose to view prices before and after fees.

SeatGeek is a ticket aggregator that focuses on transparent pricing and letting you know whether you’re getting a good deal. The pricing can be toggled with a button at the top of your search results, but the good deal is calculated based on historical data, current ticket prices and demand. The site sorts its results for you by Great, Good and Okay deals, and each deal corresponds to a different color. If you buy a lot of tickets, you may want to buy from Vivid Seats because it gives you rewards for purchasing multiple tickets.

SeatGeek has a special partnership with Major League Soccer that features 360-degree panoramas of the MLS stadiums and the ability to purchase and share tickets with your family and friends through its app. If you’re looking for MLS tickets and want the freedom to share them with people, this company is a great choice. If you're looking for NBA or NFL tickets, we recommend you purchase from Ticketmaster because it hosts the official reselling marketplaces for those leagues.

After researching tickets for an MLS game, an MLB game and an NFL game, we found that SeatGeek’s service fees for purchasing tickets were about average for all the sites we researched: 21 percent. But if you use this site to sell your tickets, be prepared to pay a steep 20 percent seller’s fee. As the website explains, if you sell a ticket for $100 on SeatGeek’s marketplace, you’ll actually only get $80 of the $100 because $20 will go to SeatGeek.

If you buy tickets, you can either receive eTickets or traditional paper tickets. Because this company is a secondary market for tickets, sometimes your tickets will have another person’s name on them – the name of the original purchaser. This isn’t a problem because sporting events don’t check people’s names on entry, just the barcode on the ticket.

This website has a help section with FAQs that can answer your questions about your tickets. However, if you’re looking to get answers to your own question you will have to dig deep into the contact page to find an email form you can fill out for help.

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