Pros / The website has safe, solid security measures.

Cons / It does not offer a rewards program.

 Verdict / TicketsNow provides great customer support to go along with its user-friendly interface.

TicketsNow is an online sports tickets reseller that gathers tickets in the secondary market and offers them to the public. It's a good site to look at if you are trying to get good, cheap sports tickets or even a hard-to-find ticket to a high-profile game.

Compared to many other sports tickets sites, TicketsNow is well maintained and up to date with its featured sports games. If you are looking for football tickets during the NFL playoffs, you don't have to search TicketsNow's entire site to find them. TicketsNow highlights featured match-ups on its main landing page and under its sports tab. It would have each football playoff game highlighted, making it easy to buy football tickets through the site. It does this feature highlighting for all major professional and college sports games.

Delivery options for what you buy on TicketsNow include traditional mail, access to will-call windows at most stadiums and arenas, and e-tickets through email. With an e-ticket, you can print it out and present it at the stadium's gate.

All ticket sales are final on TicketsNow. There is no return policy. If you did make a purchase and can no longer use the tickets, you can use TicketsNow to resell the tickets. TicketsNow has a competitive resale fee and marketplace. The interface to upload your extra tickets is easy to use, and you can take advantage of TicketsNow's search engine and web traffic to get your asking price for the tickets. The site also has a privacy seal that prevents any other customers from seeing what tickets you have bought or information on your payment method, which is a vital security measure.

The user benefits include premium parking and alerts for discounts on sports tickets, but there is no rewards program. If you are a frequent ticket buyer, then a rewards program is a benefit worth looking for, and its omission from this service is surprising.

TicketsNow includes a full array of help and support features. There is live chat on the website, which is ideal for quick resolutions to questions you might have. You can also use its phone or email support for additional questions you have about your ticket purchases. TicketsNow has a FAQs section on its website that normally resolves commonly raised concerns.

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TicketsNow's website is excellent. The featured game listings makes finding the sports tickets you want simple. The security measures keep your private information under lock and key. The lack of a rewards program might eliminate some deals for more frequent ticket buyers, but TicketsNow is a great place to seek out and find a good deal on sports tickets.

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