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eHarmony vs. Match: Online Dating Dilemma

The list of dating websites is pretty long, but for a lot of folks it comes down to eHarmony vs., two of the best-known, mainstream sites. These are designed for users who don't want to narr

buybuy BABY vs Babies R Us

Anyone who’s expecting a baby or who already has that bundle of joy at home knows there is nothing more thrilling than that new life that will now be part of yours forever. However, raising that

Best Travel & Map Software Reviews

Travel & map software helps you to create precise customized maps for traveling to your next appointment, summer vacation or off–road trip with confidence. Unlike online driving direction s

Online Dating On the Go: Tinder, Grouper and Other Apps

The biggest news in online dating is not a hot new site. It is a smartphone application. Tinder is a wildly popular way to meet people before you actually meet people. It is sort of like a high-speed

Top Ten Travel Apps

Smartphone apps have become part of our daily lives, so why not take them on vacation with you? The best travel apps out there lend a hand, whether you need to book a hotel, get directions or a find a

What Does Your Name Mean?

Our name is a big part of our identity and our genealogy search. It is what other people know us by and something that distinguishes us from everyone else. What's In a Last Name? The use of last names

Put Those Piano Lessons To Use: Play Fender Rhodes and Hammond Keyboards

You’ve been inspired by your favorite funk and jam bands and now you want to learn how to play piano. To get a taste of where your online piano lessons will eventually lead, you decide to go see your

The Most Expensive Boots

Although it is hard to imagine, high-end footwear can run into the thousands and millions of dollars. We found men's and women's boots that cost a small fortune by most standards. These boots were mad

The Pros & Cons of Self-Publishing

If you’re an unpublished author with a manuscript you're polishing up, you’ve dreamed about getting it published. You'd probably love to publish your book in the traditional way. Ambitious dreamers ev

Traveling with Special Circumstances

In the National Lampoon Vacation movies anything that can go wrong to Chevy Chase does. The hotel isn’t as described in the brochure, the car is too small and the amusement park is closed; the list co

Airfare and the Fine Print

Finding the perfect airfare can be a challenging endeavor. We’ve all scoured the internet for days, weeks or months looking for the best deal. Buying flights online is like gambling, sometimes we get

3 Reasons You Shouldn't Handle Pest Control Yourself

Pests are a problem for everyone everywhere. No matter where you live, bugs, rodents and even birds can cause health problems for you and your family. You might be tempted to take personal action to t

The 10 Most Common Natural Disasters in the U.S.

We always tend to think that natural disasters will happen to someone else. If you don't live in the Midwest, you don't worry about tornadoes. If you don't live on the east coast or the Gulf of Mexico

The 10 Best Post-Apocalyptic Movies

The end of the world is in effect in Hollywood. Every summer, movie audiences are barraged with popcorn flicks that either show the destruction of the Earth due to outside forces or show us what life

In Theory and Practice: The Science of Learning Piano

If you've ever watched a pianist's fingers flawlessly glide over the keys during an intense performance, you've seen the ideal outcome of piano lessons: mastery of the instrument. If you felt drawn to

Online Coupon Services: Unlock Exclusive Coupons from the Savings Club

It's as if the members of ABBA knew exactly how the majority of the world feels when it comes to money. You work hard for your money, but there never seems to be enough for everything you need, much l

Living Frugally: Top 10 Ways to Live Within Your Means

More than ever, living within your means is critical. For the majority of Americans, money is tight, so tight in fact, that you may be feeling the literal pinch of your pocket book. Financial strain c

5 Reasons to Consider Pest Control Services

Hiring a professional pest control service can have several benefits when comparing it to controlling pests such as rodents, spiders or termites on your own. These companies have trained technicians w

10 Household Items That Could Save Your Life in a Zombie Apocalypse

Boom! The zombie apocalypse just hit! Are you prepared? Believe it or not, you probably are. You don't need a submachine gun, a flame-thrower or even a cricket bat to survive a zombie apocalypse (thou

Online Password Manager Services: Paid vs. Free

There are about one hundred different password management services that promise to help you find, generate and keep secure records of all your passwords. Some of them are free and some of them require

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