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Pros / You can apply your photos to photo cards with different templates for comparison.

Cons / Most of Vistaprint's photo cards are for winter holidays, so it may be hard to customize a card for other purposes.

 Verdict / Vistaprint offers a range of custom promotional items in addition to photo cards, so it might be just right for a small business owner.

Vistaprint is an all-purpose printing company that focuses on small businesses and events. Promotional printing is this company's focus, so it does not share the same qualities as other more stationery-focused services. Vistaprint offers business cards and a range of marketing products, but this company can also make holiday photo cards for your business or family.

Because this service focuses more on business and promotion, it does not offer specialized features, like envelope upgrades or mail service. Most of the holiday photo cards available on Vistaprint focus on winter events, which is great if you want to send Christmas or Hanukkah cards to family and friends. However, there are few specialized services available for other photo card occasions. On all of Vistaprint's cards, you can change the wording for different photo cards to match the occasion, such as a wedding or birth announcement, but you can't change the background.

This company does earn bragging rights by being one of only a handful of photo card printing services that offer a multi-layout preview. You can upload the photo you want to use for your card and see it in hundreds of different templates simultaneously. This can really streamline the selection process by letting you quickly rule out the templates that don't look good with your photo.

The cards we ordered from Vistaprint were not overly impressive. Photos reproduced accurately but paper and envelope quality were below average compared to the best photo cards services. Also, some competitors will mail you envelopes in advance so you can address them by the time the cards arrive. That can be nice for Christmas cards or any other holiday for which you might order a vast quantity. Unfortunately, this option is not available.

Though the quantities were not as large as some competitors were, there were templates in every category we looked for on Vistaprint's site, including birth and graduation announcements, thank you cards and even blank cards. The ability to lay out a photo card that is completely your own is a nice option that some services do not offer. We like that the company makes the blank card option easy to find and use.

The best photo card sites make it easy to narrow your search to only the layouts that would work well for your project. Vistaprint does not have photo count or price range filters, but it has most other industry-standard filters that help you find the perfect fit.

  • Card Quality
  • Design Quality
  • Holiday Selection
  • Cards for $25
  1. Score for appearance and quality of cards and envelopes.
    Higher is better.
  2. 10  Vistaprint
    76.5 %
  3. 87.5 %
  4. 77.75 %
  5. 3  Minted
    88.75 %
  6. Category Average
    81.83 %


Vistaprint lacks some convenience options that you may need, including mailing service, but if you are happy mailing the cards yourself, this service is worth a look, especially if you need small business marketing products, too. Vistaprint can help you create personalized photo cards for holiday greetings and other printed material for businesses and families.

Vistaprint Visit Site