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Pros / Passpack Pro works with the YubiKey USB authenticator.

Cons / This software doesn't automatically save your passwords.

 Verdict / Passpack Pro's features are competitive, and it supports most web browsers. However, it doesn't save passwords or fill forms automatically.

Passpack Pro is a good online password manager with a competitive collection of features that encourage you to gain better security practices with stronger logins and passwords. It supports most of the browsers and operating systems in common use today. The technical support is average for the cloud password managers in our review.

Although many of Passpack Pro's features are included in a majority of online password managers, it has a few features that stand out. You can use two-factor authentication, an additional security step to access your account. While most of Passpack's multifactor options are only available from Passpack, such as email codes, welcome messages and a packing key, you can also use the service with YubiKey, a third party authenticator that uses a USB dongle you connect to the computer you're using. Very few password managers in our review are compatible with USB authenticators, so this works to Passpack's advantage.

Passpack synchronizes login data across all of your platforms, but you can also isolate your data to a local device and keep them out of the Passpack cloud if you prefer. Passpack Pro doesn't offer automated tasks, such as saving passwords and form fillers, largely since it's a web app that functions on the Passpack website. You can store secure notes in Passpack Pro, but it doesn't have a dedicated digital wallet function.

To get up and running, you can download the Passpack program on PC or Mac. The desktop version of Passpack runs using Adobe Air and is visually identical on every device. It also works with popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera, but only as a web app, which doesn't offer the same automated features as the best password managers. The best password organizers use browser extensions instead of web apps. The Passpack web app works on Android and iOS devices.

There is a customer support email address if you need answers to questions that aren't already posted in online FAQs. You can also contact Passpack over social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, which generally has a faster response time. There is no telephone support or live chat, which is average among password management software companies.

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Passpack Pro is a secure password manager that's available from any browser as a web app. One of the best things about this software is that it can use the YubiKey USB authenticator to add extra security to your password vault. However, Passpack Pro lacks browser extensions, which allow the best password managers to automatically save passwords and fill forms.

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