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RoboForm Everywhere Review

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PROS / RoboForm synchronizes password management and form filling across multiple computers, browsers and mobile devices.

CONS / It is subscription-based. It stops working, of course, if you let the subscription lapse.

 VERDICT / RoboForm Everywhere protects against security vulnerabilities that result from weak passwords and makes it convenient to be secure.

One way to boost online security conveniently is with a password manager such as RoboForm Everywhere, which holds all of your passwords. All password managers make it easy to generate and use strong passwords as you inevitably move toward more secure passwords. Like most of its competitors, RoboForm also lets you complete online forms automatically. RoboForm Everywhere wins our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for best online password manager, not because it includes many more features than its competitors, but because it also provides support by telephone in a market that typically restricts customer access to email. Even though RoboForm competitors match many of its features, RoboForm is the low-cost leader.

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Passwords that are easy to remember are usually insecure. RoboForm’s online password manager makes strong passwords that are easy to use. Because you can create and use passwords with RoboForm conveniently, you are more likely to change them frequently; a good habit to have. RoboForm passwords exist in encrypted form online. When any device with RoboForm communicates with the server, Secure Sockets Layer encrypts the session. Advanced Encryption Standard encrypts all data on the server side. The RoboForm servers are in a secure facility in Virginia with backup generators, armed guards and connections to redundant internet backbones.

One security benefit to password savers that isn’t readily apparent is that they strengthen defenses against phishing attacks because they know the exact URLs of the sites you log into. Therefore, they are in a position to protect you from phishing attempts to lure you onto fake sites that resemble legitimate sites.

RoboForm imports passwords from Norton Internet Security, 1Password, KeePass, LastPass and SplashID. In similar fashion to most of its competitors, RoboForm saves logins and passwords as you visit sites that require them. Then, when you return to a site that is already recorded, it logs you in automatically, if that is what you want it to do. It also functions with multi-step logins such as bank websites. If you lose your master password, RoboForm does not have it. Nobody has your master password except you. This secure password manager creates strong passwords and stores credit card numbers in a digital wallet for when you need to complete a purchase online.

In common with most of its competitors, RoboForm supports the idea of identities, which are categories that hold the personal data you use on online forms. You could use one identity for registrations that do not involve purchases and another for online purchases with credit cards. Alternatively, you could create a work identity distinct from your personal identity as a way to stay organized. Another RoboForm security feature that's common with many of its competitors is support for secure notes that hold anything that you could not save in passwords.


The RoboForm Everywhere license lets you use multiple Windows and Macs. The license covers an individual user and all associated devices. In addition to PCs and Macs, RoboForm works on Microsoft Surface RT and Linux. It is possible to buy platform-specific versions of RoboForm. However, it contains the standalone versions and updates all of your passwords for all of your devices.

RoboForm works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. If RoboForm does not work on a particular device or if you don’t have a supported browser, you can still log into websites automatically with the RoboForm Bookmarklet. You can access it from iOS devices, Android and Windows Phone, but the mobile apps cannot automatically complete forms.

Another way to use RoboForm across platforms is with RoboForm2Go. It lets you run RoboForm from a USB drive with your encrypted passwords. RoboForm2Go supports Internet Explorer and Firefox, not Chrome or Opera. For any computer running Internet Explorer or Firefox, just insert a USB with RoboForm2Go installed and you can access your passwords without leaving a trace of them on the computer after you eject the USB.

Help & Support

RoboForm’s online support page posts answers to frequently asked questions. It also contains a good product overview and well-done tutorials. The complete manual is online. There is phone support for paying customers from Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern Time. The majority of RoboForm’s competitors allow support by email only, believe it or not.


Do you know how to make strong passwords? Do you change passwords periodically? How do you remember your passwords? Until retinal scanners or fingerprint readers are pervasive, a good password manager will be your friend. Market competition in this space is fierce. Many of the products in our review match RoboForm Everywhere in terms of features. They all provide access from anywhere. They all give you the option to synchronize across platforms. All of them create strong passwords and encrypt passwords on their servers. What nudges RoboForm Everywhere into best password app territory is affordability and telephone access to customer support in a market that usually limits support access to email.

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