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Pros / RoboForm Everywhere is an excellent way to fill forms for shopping online.

Cons / It doesn't work with third-party multifactor authentication apps.

 Verdict / RoboForm Everywhere has many features that help you securely store your passwords online. Its extensive platform support and excellent form-fill tool make it one of the best password managers.

TopTenREVIEWS - Bronze Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set
TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

One way to boost online security is with a password manager such as RoboForm Everywhere, which holds all of your passwords. RoboForm lets you complete online forms automatically and works on more platforms than most password managers in our review. When you combine this with excellent technical support options, RoboForm Everywhere wins our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award for online password manager.

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Security & Convenience

RoboForm’s online password manager makes strong passwords that are easy to remember. The password generator is very easy to use, letting you add special characters, capital letters and numbers to any password you generate. The RoboForm browser extension can generate passwords up to 512 characters long, the longest in our review, although many websites likely aren't compatible with passwords that long.

When RoboForm communicates with the server, it encrypts the session on both the server side and your device. Although RoboForm isn't compatible with third-party apps for multifactor authentication, you have the option to get an email or text message code that you use whenever you sign in to a new device. True to its name, RoboForm is an excellent way to store data for filling online forms. This means you don't need to retype your address, phone number and other information when you sign up for a new website or shop online. 

RoboForm Everywhere imports passwords from a variety of other password managers and web browsers. When you visit a new site, RoboForm saves your login and password for future reference. You can automatically log in to saved sites directly from the encrypted vault or by visiting them normally in your browser. You can also set up RoboForm to require your master password every time you log in to a saved website. Another RoboForm feature lets you create secure notes that hold anything you can't save in passwords, such as Social Security numbers, passport information and Wi-Fi passwords.

This secure password manager creates strong passwords and stores credit card numbers in a digital wallet for when you shop online. If you lose your master password, RoboForm does not have it. It allows you to reset your master password, but this triggers a security measure that erases all of the data in your account, which means you need to recreate your password vault, secures notes and form fills.

Like its competition, RoboForm supports identities, which are categories that hold the personal data you use on online forms. You can use one identity when you register for websites that do not involve purchases and another for online purchases that use credit cards. Alternatively, you can create a work identity to keep your work-related passwords and files separate from your personal accounts.


RoboForm Everywhere is one of only three services in our review that works with every popular desktop system, mobile device and web browser. It works on desktop systems such as Windows, macOS and Linux. You can also use RoboForm with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Opera. It has mobile apps on iOS and Android that make it easy to take your passwords anywhere you need them.

Support Channels

RoboForm offers technical support over email, phone and social media. The social media support is available on Facebook and Twitter. Although it's not common among password manager companies to have phone support, RoboForm offers it to paying customers. RoboForm also offers live chat support, which isn't common among cloud password managers.


RoboForm Everywhere is an excellent choice to store your passwords and fill out forms online. Although many of the products in our review match RoboForm Everywhere in terms of features, they lack the platform support that makes this one of the best password managers. The company's telephone support is another reason to consider this password management software.

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