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Sticky Password Premium Review

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PROS / You can use the Google Authenticator app to add an extra layer of security to Sticky Password.

CONS / This password manager doesn't support Microsoft Edge or Linux.

 VERDICT / Sticky Password competes with the best password managers in terms of features and technical support, but it doesn't support as many devices and web browsers.

Sticky Password does an excellent job competing with the best password managers. It has every security and convenience feature we looked for while also supporting most major operating systems and web browsers. The technical support is very good and has live chat, which isn't common among cloud password managers.

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This secure password manager synchronizes logins and passwords across all of your devices by maintaining encrypted copies of your information on its servers. You can also tell the software how you want to sync your data. If you don't want to sync your passwords to the cloud, you can keep them local by making sure your devices only sync when on the same Wi-Fi network or by turning off the sync function completely.

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Sticky Password has templates for web logins, such as bank accounts, credit card information, secure notes and email accounts. The password generator is very easy to use when you need to create new passwords for any of your accounts. You can also create form fillers for most types of data you want to save in the encrypted vault.

Multifactor authentication is one of Sticky Password's more useful security features. This lets you set up an extra login step that helps prevent people from logging in on unknown computers. If someone tries to log into your account, they need a one-time code that comes via email or the Google Authenticator app. Sticky Password also has biometric authentication that uses your fingerprint on compatible iOS and Android devices.

Another example of how Sticky Password goes beyond password storage and generation is that you can set an expiration date when you first create a password to remind you to change it often. There's also a virtual keyboard to protect against keyloggers by letting you click the letters on an onscreen keyboard. Sticky Password can also set an automatic lockout that prevents access to your passwords after your computer is inactive for a specified time.

Sticky Password is available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices. It works with popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. It also imports data from competing password management software. Sticky Password isn't compatible with Linux or Microsoft Edge.

If you need help with Sticky Password, you can contact the company over email, social media and live chat. Email and social media support through Twitter and Facebook are normal for the market, but the addition of live chat gives Sticky Password a slight advantage over many of the password managers in our review.


Sticky Password is a good online password manager that can help you create and store secure passwords for your web accounts. It can synchronize passwords across PCs, Macs, Android and iOS devices. Unlike many competitors, it has live chat support, which is a very useful way to get technical support.

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