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Net Nanny Family Protection Pass Review

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PROS / It has a unique web filter that lets you choose whether to block, warn or allow any given website category.

CONS / This is the only software in our review that doesn’t track phone calls and text messages.

 VERDICT / Net Nanny doesn’t have as many tools as other mobile phone monitoring software, but it comes with extremely powerful filter options and visually appealing reporting.

Net Nanny's cell phone monitoring software has intuitive reporting and lets you control internet options on your child’s Android or iOS device. You can view basic activity, set up restrictions and alerts, and remotely lock the device. It also lets you schedule usage time and customize content filters, but its feature limitations keep this app from competing with the best cell phone monitoring software.

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Once installed, Net Nanny reroutes internet searches made through a browser like Google Chrome into the native Net Nanny browser and automatically implements any limits you set up. However, after the first few minutes of testing, we found that the browser rerouting function and content filter were spotty in their consistency, and we could access inappropriate content we had blocked. The software does not run invisibly, and it’s missing live viewing and recording options, which would allow you to see or hear whatever the device user can.

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This software focuses mostly on monitoring internet usage and doesn’t track GPS history, chat apps, emails, calls and texts. Still, Net Nanny allows you to track contacts, media and installed apps.

One of the best things about this mobile phone spyware is its unique dashboard. It automatically displays a series of reports and statistics detailing recent activity, which makes it easy to monitor the cell phone. It also shows you a list of apps your child uses the most.

The mobile phone monitoring software's flexible scheduling feature is one of the best in our review, and it provides multiple options for limiting the time your child spends using their device. You can either set an allotted number of usable hours per day or choose for the phone to only work during a certain block of time. Furthermore, the software has an impressive built-in filter that lets you allow or block specific apps and web searches based on categories like drugs or pornography, and you can receive an alert if your child searches for them.

While Net Nanny is compatible with the two largest mobile operating systems, Android and iOS, it is not available for BlackBerry users. Net Nanny's mobile apps are only available as part of the company's Family Protection Pass, but you get the added benefit being able to install this parental software on up to five PCs, Macs or smartphones. This is the greatest number of users allowed on a single license of the products we reviewed. You can contact the company via email, phone or live chat if you have questions about the software.


Though it lets you set filters for internet use, Net Nanny lacks in overall functionality compared to other mobile phone spyware. You can limit phone use and opt to receive some notifications, and the software is backed by great customer support options. However, it focuses on internet use at the expense of other features, which is why it sits near the bottom of our lineup.

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