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1Password Review

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PROS / 1Password makes it easy to import your login data from other password software products.

CONS / The Windows version and the Mac version are separate products.

 VERDICT / 1Password is an excellent password manager with well-considered features.

Unless you apply extraordinary discipline, home-grown methods of password management are at a disadvantage to password manager software, especially as your usernames and passwords grow from a handful to dozens. 1Password contains the features that demonstrate precisely the advantages of password software over do-it-yourself methods.

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Good password management software such as 1Password imports passwords from browsers and other password savers, records usernames and passwords as you log into secure sites, and generates secure passwords. Without these features, you could also create secure passwords using manual methods, but human nature is such that we often take the path of least resistance and a strong password such as “#97z!$a&” is more difficult to remember and more tedious to type than “user,” “password” or “1234.”

Of course, there are many more features standard to the best password apps including 1Password. You can log into secure sites with just a click using the login data that 1Password stores. And you can create various identities that organize various aspects of your life into separate folders. With 1Password, you also have the ability to complete online forms with the personal data that it stores for you. Most of 1Password’s competitors match its feature list one for one.

There is one feature missing from 1Password in comparison with the majority of its competitors: multifactor authentication. This method prevents your accounts from being hacked by adding a login step that requires you to type in a temporary code that you receive by text or email. Lack of support for multifactor authentication is, perhaps, insufficient reason to exclude 1Password from consideration. It is a safeguard that is partially a response to the problem of weak passwords. Passwords that you create with 1Password are strong and stored in encrypted form. Therefore, adding the complexity of multifactor authentication might not make a real difference in security.

1Password is available in two versions for computers: one for Windows and one for Macs. In common with the best password managers, 1Password works with quite a few browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. Both of the 1Password product versions synchronize with iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

The support site contains a high-quality manual, better than some of its competitors. Access to support is restricted to email, a normal practice for this product category.


If you were to graduate from your manual methods of password management by installing 1Password on your Mac or Windows PC and then downloading the app onto your iOS or Android devices, you would immediately increase your security while enjoying a great deal of convenience.

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