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Dashlane Review

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PROS / You decide whether you want your password data to stay on your device or if you want it stored on Dashlane's servers.

CONS / It does not work with Blackberry or Windows Phone.

 VERDICT / Dashlane contains a comprehensive feature set that distinguishes it from many of its competitors.

Dashlane Premium, our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner among best password managers, simplifies your online activity by storing usernames and passwords for the sites you log into. Dashlane also has digital wallet features that let you shop online with convenience. Unlike the free version, Dashlane Premium lets you back up your account to Dashlane servers in encrypted form that only you can unlock. You can synchronize all of your devices, as many as you have. Even if you are not using a device that Dashlane knows about, you can log into your account and see your passwords. Dashlane Premium users receive priority customer support over free version users.

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In similar fashion to all of the products in the password management software market, Dashlane saves and stores passwords as you log into various websites. If you've been using another password management app, Dashlane can help you import passwords. It also imports passwords that have accumulated in your web browsers. Once Dashlane records the information you need for a given site, it will fill in your username and password automatically every time you visit that site again. If you log into the same site with more than one username, Dashlane's window will pop up and give you the option to use either username.

Dashlane's password generator rates every password's strength in a way that is easy to understand. It provides several options for each new password. You decide if you want the generated password to include digits, letters or symbols. A feature unique to Dashlane is that you can opt to have it generate a pronounceable password.

With Dashlane, you can share any of your passwords with trusted contacts, a feature shared by most of its competitors. It comes in handy if you want someone else to be able to use your movie service, for example, but you still want to keep your banking information and other passwords private. The person you share a password with will get an email with a link that will only be usable for a brief time.

It makes sense to incorporate a digital wallet into an online password manager. You can store credit card information with Dashlane, and it will automatically fill in your card information when you shop online. When there are fields for credit card information, a Dashlane window pops up with tiles of your cards. Once you choose the one you want to use, you can check out with a couple of clicks. This password protector even saves a screenshot of your digital receipts, which is not a common feature.

Dashlane has a dashboard dedicated to security that scores the overall safety of your account as a percentage. The ratings feature is color-coded, so you will always have an accurate idea of how safe your passwords are. Dashlane does not offer master password hints, which is an excellent product-design decision.

Like all of its competitors, Dashlane offers an added layer of security with a two-step login process through Google Authenticator. First, you install Google Authenticator. Then you can choose to log in with your Dashlane password and a code sent to your phone. You don't have to log in that way every time unless you want to, but the option is useful.


Dashlane synchronizes your login and password information to make them accessible to you from PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices. It works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. The platforms, devices and browsers that Dashlane supports represent the majority of the market. Dashlane doesn’t attempt to support Linux or Windows Phone. In fact, only a few competitors support these platforms.

Help & Support

We received fast and courteous responses to all of our email inquiries. There is no phone or live chat, which seems to be the norm for the password management software market. However, there is company support through Twitter and a community forum.


Dashlane is one of the very best ways of managing passwords. It takes all of the passwords that you have in your browser and moves them into a secure vault. As you navigate to new sites that require passwords, it helps you to generate secure passwords and then saves them for you to use later. When you revisit a site that Dashlane has stored for you, it logs you in automatically. Your passwords are encrypted and you are the only person who knows the key. You decide whether your passwords are stored on Dashlane’s servers or on your local computer. Dashlane is an excellent password management app.

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