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Norton Confidential Review

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*Norton Confidential is no longer available through Symantec. You can find the software on eBay, but the Norton password manager has been integrated into some of their other products.

Norton Confidential

Used as a replacement for Norton’s Password Manager 2004, Norton Confidential is a password manager and Internet identity theft protector that includes password protection, phishing protection and fraud monitoring. All of the features and functionality in Norton Confidential are currently included with the Norton Internet Security Suite.

Norton Password Manager 2004 was a simple, easy-to-use program that was very effective for the everyday Internet user. Unfortunately, we are terribly disappointed with Norton’s upgraded product.  Norton Confidential is a lackluster application that served its purpose by prompting and saving logon information, but the software significantly slowed down, and at least one time crashed, Internet Explorer 7 and became extraordinarily frustrating. And although Norton Confidential can still autofill login information, we found it takes almost thirty seconds or more for the information to appear.

Additionally, Norton Confidential is incompatible with Mozilla Firefox and lacked some features that the original Password Manager originally included like templates that include the ability to add information prior to surfing the Internet and the timed locking feature.

Features Norton Confidential retained are the ability to save and autofill logons, bank PINs and credit card information. It works directly with Internet Explorer (you can’t miss it, there is a large green “fraud protection” bar prominently displayed at the top of your browser.)

The security on this password manager program is not quite as impressive as the other programs. Norton relies on you to make up your own passwords. There is no password generator. Although, it will prompt you on the strength of your chosen passwords, indicating weak or strong.

Norton Confidential is a relatively large program and took almost a half hour to install. We also found that upon installation the software warns you of potential conflicts with other antivirus software you might be running on your computer. Although we didn’t notice any glaring conflicts Norton had with our antivirus software, know that it is a potential risk.

For troubleshooting and general questions, Symantec Corp. offers free online chat and email. However, email turnaround is an average of 4 days and phone service is $10.00 call.

For a program that integrates flawlessly with IE and Firefox and doesn’t take a life time to load we suggest the #1 product, RoboForm .

Norton Confidential