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Passpack Pro Review

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PROS / Passpack Pro works with Windows PCs and Macs, as well as iPhones, iPads, Android devices and Windows Phone.

CONS / Email is the only access to support, and responses to support requests might take more than a day.

 VERDICT / Passpack Pro contains a feature set on par with the best and works with all of the most popular computers, browsers and mobile devices.

Passpack Pro is an excellent password manager with a competitive collection of features that will encourage you to exercise discipline in the way you create, store and apply your logins and passwords. One area that Passpack Pro differentiates itself is with collaborative features that allow you to safely share passwords with family or co-workers. To get up and running, you just download the Passpack toolbar to your internet browser and navigate the web as you normally would. When you log into password-protected sites, Passpack saves your information so that you don't have to manually enter your username and password on your next visit to the site.

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Passpack Pro supports as many platforms as the typical password management software. You can run it from a Mac or a Windows PC. It works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. You can use Passpack on an Android device or an iPad or an iPhone. Passpack synchronizes all of your login data across all of your platforms. It also works with the Windows Phone. While some of Passpack’s competitors support Linux, the majority of password management software publishers do not. Also, Passpack and the majority of its competitors no longer support Blackberry. There is a desktop version of Passpack if you want to isolate your data to a local device. Or you can use Passpack Desktop to complement the online version so that you have access to your secure data even when offline. There is yet another way to use Passpack on multiple computers if you don’t want to use the online version. It involves installing Passpack Offline Version onto a USB drive.

Although many of Passpack Pro’s features are in common with the majority of password software competitors, it has a few features that are not so common. For example, it allows you to create disposable logins. It also supports two-factor authentication, which requires an additional security step to access your account. You can have a code sent to your mobile phone that you then type into your account. Or the code can go to a device dedicated to supporting multifactor authentication: the Yubico Yubikey USB card.

There is a customer support email address for all help requests. The support page contains the following note about when to expect a response: “We generally reply within a few working days….” There is no telephone support or live chat for customer service, which is typical for the password management software market.


Passpack Pro is a great password organizer that makes itself available from any browser, anywhere you find yourself. Your usernames and passwords are encrypted on Passpack’s servers in such a way that, even if someone hacked into the server, your information would remain unreadable. And if you ever lost your master password, Passpack never had it, so it wouldn’t be able to give it to you – which also means it can't be extracted from the company by fraud or hackers. Passpack Pro is fine password management software with better features than half of the products in our review.

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