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Password Genie Review

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PROS / Password Genie customers have 24/7 chat access to customer service, a highly unusual level of support in comparison with most of its competitors.

CONS / It does not support multifactor authentication.

 VERDICT / Password Genie is an excellent password manager if you have a Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android device.

As manual methods of password management begin to collapse under their own weight, there is a migration toward secure password manager software applications that attach themselves as extensions to browsers and automate the login process. Such a one is Password Genie, an excellent password manager for you to consider.

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Standard feature lists are emerging in the password software market, and Password Genie has all of the most important features to maintain security and promote convenience. Although you can’t import passwords from competing products, simply by navigating to the sites that require you to login, Password Genie will start to collect all of your usernames and passwords and store them in encrypted form. When you revisit a site that it has remembered for you, you can log in automatically. It also captures all of the personal data that you might need to automatically complete online forms. Password Genie lets you build identity profiles to organize your password lists – according to personal or professional sites, for example. It does not support multifactor authentication.

The majority of password organizer applications run on Windows PCs and Macs. This includes Password Genie. Most of the best password apps support the main four browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. This includes Password Genie. Although a few of Password Genie’s competitors support more mobile devices than iPhones, iPads and Androids; Password Genie runs on iOS and Android devices, congruent with the majority of the market.

For some odd reason, the typical publisher of password management software provides technical support via email only. Password Genie is one of the very few that provide customer access to support with online chat and telephone available 24/7.


Password Genie is password manager software that supports Windows PCs and Macs along with all of the major browsers. By supporting iOS and Android mobile devices, it satisfies the majority of smartphone users. The feature list is excellent and matches that of many competitors – including support for the concept of “Identities,” which provide more ways to organize password lists. It also includes the ability to import passwords from competing password savers. Where Password Genie shines above most password software is in the help and support category.

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