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Password Organizer TS 3.0.0 Review

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PROS / Password Organizer is the least expensive password manager available for purchase.

CONS / It is difficult to learn and the auto-fill function doesn’t work properly.

 VERDICT / You can easily find password management software that is better than this application.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from viewing as part of this site because it is outdated. You can still read our original review below, but TopTenREVIEWS is no longer updating this product’s information.

Password Organizer TS 3.0.0

Password Organizer from Omniquad software is a password manager that runs directly with Internet Explorer on Windows operating systems. Its “quick links” function launches the website associated with saved login information. It also prompts the user to save new passwords when entering or creating logins that are not already stored in the database. Its functions were difficult to figure out, however, and the auto-fill function would only input the username. If you’re looking for a more complete password management software application, we suggest reading the review of our top-ranked product Roboform Pro.


While this program is meant to be easy to use, it is more difficult to learn than other password management software, and we were unable to make it work consistently. Theoretically, it is simple enough, and it does at least have some browser integration, but we couldn’t get the auto-fill feature to work correctly. Also, the user has less control over the database than we would like.

The application does recognize websites connected with user information in the database and attempts to log you in automatically, though in practice it is not very efficient at performing this function.

While you can store a variety of types of information in the database to use for online form filling and keeping track of private information like credit card numbers, it is not as easy to figure out as we would like it to be.


This password management software does not meet our expectations for ease of use and requires the user to read the manual to understand its functions. We look for software that is intuitive and simple for even the most inexperienced computer user to learn, and this software is neither intuitive nor easy to learn, which is why it receives a low rating in this category.

Help & Support

This software is at least easy to install. Simply go to the manufacturer’s website and find the link to download the trial version. This application is part of a more inclusive software bundle called Total Security Suite that also has antivirus, firewall and privacy software, but you can download any of these products independently of the security suite, including Password Organizer.


The most attractive aspect of Password Organizer is its low price. Aside from that, you can find password management software that is far superior in every way.

Password Organizer TS 3.0.0