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RoboForm Everywhere Review

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PROS / It synchronizes password management and form filling on multiple computers.

CONS / RoboForm Everywhere is subscription-based, so of course it stops working if you let the subscription lapse.

 VERDICT / RoboForm Everywhere protects against the types of security vulnerabilities that result from weak password discipline, and makes it convenient to be secure.

One way to turbocharge your online security is by using password management software such as RoboForm Everywhere. Similar to most password software, RoboForm holds all of your passwords and makes it so easy to capture and apply passwords that you will happily embrace more secure passwords. RoboForm also lets you complete online forms with little effort. And because it knows the exact URLs of the sites you log into, it protects you from phishing attempts to trick you into visiting fake sites constructed to look like the real deal. RoboForm Everywhere wins our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for best password manager, not because it contains more features than the majority of its competitors, but because it offers support by telephone and 24/7 chat in a market where email only support is the norm. Furthermore, although most of RoboForm’s competitors can match its features, RoboForm is the low-cost leader.

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Whereas you used to have passwords that were easy to remember and therefore relatively insecure, RoboForm’s password organizer helps you create strong passwords that are easy to use so you will be safer than you were before RoboForm. Because of the ease with which you can create and use passwords, you will be more likely to change them as frequently as you know you should. Your passwords exist in encrypted form online, which means they are not written down on paper anywhere somebody could find. When a RoboForm installation on any of your devices is communicating with the RoboForm server, the session is encrypted by Secure Sockets Layer. All of your RoboForm data on the server side is encrypted with the Advanced Encryption Standard. The RoboForm Everywhere servers are in a secure facility in Virginia with backup generators, armed guards and connections to redundant internet backbones.

A password manager such as RoboForm also contributes to online security in a way that might not be obvious at first. Because it knows the exact URLs of the sites that you log into, if ever you were to respond to a phishing attempt and click on a malicious link made to imitate a legitimate link, RoboForm would not automatically log in, which would make you suspicious about the link.

RoboForm imports passwords from the password management module in Norton Internet Security. It also imports passwords from standalone password management applications such as 1Password, Keypass, LastPass and SplashID. RoboForm saves logins and passwords for you as you visit sites that require them. Then, when you return to a site that it has already recorded, it can log you in automatically. It also works with multi-step logins such as Bank of America’s SiteKey: You just have to click twice. If you lose your master password, RoboForm cannot help you, which is a good thing. This secure password manager generates strong passwords for you to use. It also stores sensitive data such as credit card numbers in a digital wallet that you can use when you need to fill out a purchase form online.

In common with many of its competitors, RoboForm supports the concept of Identities, which are places that hold the personal data you use to automatically complete online forms. For example, you could create one Identity that holds the types of information necessary to complete a registration that does not involve a purchase. And you could have a different Identity for online purchases involving a credit card. Alternatively, you could designate a work Identity distinct from your personal Identity as a way to stay organized. Another RoboForm security feature in common with almost every competitor is what RoboForm calls Safenotes, which are secure notes that hold anything that you could not save in passwords. For example, one of these secure notes could store software activation codes. Another could save a UNIX telnet password.


When you purchase a RoboForm Everywhere license, you can run RoboForm on multiple Windows and Macs. The license is for an individual user and all associated devices. In addition to PCs and Macs, Roboform is available for Microsoft Surface RT and Linux. It is possible to purchase platform-specific versions of RoboForm. However, RoboForm Anywhere contains the standalone versions and synchronizes all of your passwords across all of your devices. The full functionality is in the platform-specific RoboForm application, which includes form filling.

RoboForm works with various browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. If RoboForm does not work on the device that you use or if you aren’t running a supported browser, you can still log into websites automatically using the RoboForm Bookmarklet. RoboForm Everywhere runs on all three of the most popular mobile devices: iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Automatic form filling is not supported on RoboForm’s mobile apps.

Another method available to use RoboForm across platforms is called RoboForm2Go, which lets you run RoboForm from a USB drive that contains your encrypted passwords. RoboForm2Go works on Internet Explorer and Firefox, but not Chrome or Opera. You can go to any computer running Internet Explorer or Firefox, pop in a USB containing Roboform2Go and be able to access your passwords in such a way that there will be no trace of them on the computer after you dismount and remove the USB.

Help & Support

RoboForm’s online support page contains answers to frequently asked questions, a product overview and tutorials. The complete manual is also conveniently online. RoboForm claims to support 24/7 live chat access. However we found that chat support is usually offline. Nevertheless, even if RoboForm’s chat support is not 24/7, that it exists intermittently demonstrates a more ambitious support philosophy than others in the field. Phone support is also available to paying customers from Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern Time. Most of RoboForm’s competitors provide support by email only.


What does your current password management routine consist of? Do you use strong passwords? Do you change your passwords frequently? Do you use different passwords for each login? How do you record your passwords? Is it convenient to locate and use your passwords while away from your primary computer?
Until the installed base of retinal scanners or fingerprint readers reaches critical mass, password management software is the right tool for the job. The competition in this market space is fierce, and therefore the features are competitive. If you install any password saver in our review, you will be more secure and the security will happen with greater convenience than any home-grown manual methods. More than half of the products in our review can match RoboForm Everywhere in terms of features. All of them provide access from anywhere. All of them have the option to synchronize across platforms. All of them generate strong passwords and encrypt passwords on their servers. All of them provide digital wallets.

RoboForm is among the subset of password management products that can import passwords from competitors. And only one of RoboForm’s competitors matches its support for Linux and Microsoft Surface RT. Therefore, what nudges RoboForm Everywhere into best password app territory is customer support and price.

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