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SplashID Safe Review

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PROS / SplashID Safe subscribers receive identity theft protection.

CONS / It does not automatically capture logins.

 VERDICT / SplashID Safe supports more than the average number of mobile devices. However, it does not automatically save passwords.

SplashID Safe Personal Edition is a password manager for iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Blackberrys and Windows Phone smartphones. Desktop versions are available for Macs and PCs. All versions support synchronization of data. Or you can sync via the cloud. If you don’t trust the cloud, then you have the option to synchronize locally using Wi-Fi., which is not a choice that many of SplashID competitors provide. SplashID is the only password management software in our review that doesn’t capture passwords on the fly. It is also the only password organizer in our review that includes an identity protection service. If you lose your wallet, smartphone or computer, you will have 24/7 access to agents and investigators who can minimize your risk.

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SplashID can store a variety of information such as bank accounts, birthdays, clothing sizes, credit cards, safe combinations, travel card information, serial numbers and web logins. It can save an unlimited number of record types and categories. It cannot auto-save new forms as you fill them in. So if you want to fill out a new form to join a forum or create a new online shopping account, you have to enter your information manually and then create a template for that membership separately. Other password management software can do this automatically.

SplashID Safe applies encryption to secure your personal information and passwords, just as all of its competitors do. Other security features include the ability to mask fields so that onlookers cannot see your passwords and usernames. Similar to every password manager in our review, SplashID includes a password generator that creates strong passwords using letters, numbers and characters. The software allows you to store a master password hint, so make sure that others cannot guess your password based on the hint. As with most of its competitors, SplashID supports the ability to organize your logins by category, to store secure notes and share access to secure sites.


For those who want to control all data at the local level rather than through the SplashID Cloud, the Wi-Fi sync option is attractive. While SplashID Safe contains most of the features of its competitors, it cannot automatically save passwords. Unfortunately, one of the aspects to SplashID that is similar to most password software competitors is that customer support is restricted to email.

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