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Pros / Sticky Password synchronizes the passwords that you use from Windows PCs as well as iOS, Android and Blackberry devices .

Cons / There is no Macintosh version.

 Verdict / Sticky Password includes the features necessary to compete as an excellent password manager as long as you are using Windows PCs, Android devices, iPads and iPhones.

[Editor's note: The publisher informs us that the new version, Sticky Password Premium, is shipping and that it now supports Macintosh. It also adds biometric authentication to iOS and Android devices and lets the users specify sync method from among cloud sync, local sync via Wi-Fi and no sync. We look forward to reviewing the new product when we next refresh this review site.]

Gone are the days when a handful of simple passwords would keep your accounts secure. Experts now recommend that you use passwords with more than 12 characters, and that you do not use the same password for more than one account. The problem is that most people cannot remember complex passwords easily. But they don't necessarily want to write them down either. Password managers such as Sticky Password are the answer. Password management software remembers volumes of account information for you, automatically logs you into your online accounts and secures your passwords and user names with military-grade encryption.

Sticky Password works with all popular web browsers and interacts with iTunes, Dropbox, Google Talk and Skype. This integration means that regardless of your browser preference, this password software auto-fills and auto-saves logins and web forms. It also imports data from its competitors' products: LastPass and RoboForm. Sticky Password includes templates for popular webpage login forms, such as online bank accounts, credit card information, secure notes, website logins and email accounts. You can also create files for just about any type of information you want to save securely.

You can set an automatic lockout to engage after one to 60 minutes of computer inactivity, so you do not have to worry about someone accessing your accounts if you step away from the computer without logging out. There is also clipboard protection to keep people from accessing information that you cut and paste. Sticky Password includes a password generator that automatically creates strong passwords. It is possible to configure the software to remind you when it is time to change passwords. There is a virtual keyboard to protect against keyloggers.

Sticky Password is not available for Mac yet, but it is available for Windows, iPhones, iPads and Android devices. It is also available for Blackberry. The browsers that it works with are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. Like all of its competitors, this password management software synchronizes your passwords across all of your devices by keeping encrypted copies of your passwords on its servers. However, if you are not comfortable with entrusting even encrypted passwords to Sticky, there is a desktop-only version that keeps your passwords local: Sticky Password Desktop. Only a few password management products provide a local-data-only version.

Support consists of an online forum and a well-done frequently asked questions page. You can email for direct help from a support technician. The level of help is normal for the product management software market.


Sticky Password provides a convenient method to incorporate the safest level of password security discipline. It synchronizes your passwords across Windows PCs as well as Android and IOS devices. It also secures the personal information that you need to complete most types of online forms. Unless you are a Macintosh user, Sticky Password is an excellent password management product.

Sticky Password Pro Visit Site