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SwitchVPN PRO Review

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PROS / When you log in, you can choose your server location.

CONS / The help and support with this company was slow and not very thorough.

 VERDICT / This proxy service has good security features and allows you to connect five devices simultaneously to one account. The help and support gave us cause for concern with slow response times and inefficient responses.

The SwitchVPN proxy service allows you to anonymously browse the web. It conceals your IP address and encrypts your data, providing you with one of 300 masked IP addresses. SwitchVPN encrypts all of your data using 2048-bit file encryption through an SLL-encrypted virtual private network tunnel. The low number of available IP addresses and less-than-helpful support staff, however, put this anonymous proxy provider near the bottom of the lineup.

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While SwitchVPN has a limited pool of IP addresses, the company has 80 servers located across 31 countries, including the U.S., Canada and the U.K. SwitchVPN provides each server with a shared IP address, which the company will swap out every once in a while to keep it from being blacklisted. You are able to choose the server you would like to use, which is a nice feature for proxy services and one that allows you the freedom to browse the web through the encrypted filter of your choice.

You can use SwitchVPN on five electronic devices simultaneously, but there's an additional fee for the add-on. You can also use this proxy browser to hide your IP address while you are using an Android or other mobile device.

Switch VPN does not log your personal information or what proxy website you access, but the company does track and record when a proxy server is being used and where, the bandwidth being used, and the connection duration with that server. The company is transparent and provides a complete explanation of what it logs and does not log in its Terms of Services document.

If you have questions, you can email SwitchVPN's 24/7 tech support or chat live with a representative. There's also a FAQs page and an installation guide. Customer service was slow to respond, but we eventually received a response. Though, support eventually stopped answering our emails and follow-up questions. Even with the responses we received, customer service didn't address all of our requests for assistance. The main customer service language is English, but SwitchVPN can translate into other languages as best as it can to assist as many people as possible.

The security features associated with this proxy service are quite sophisticated. Encryption options include SSL and the more advanced TSL. It also uses a variety of tunneling protocols to help safely transfer your information; these options include PPTP, L2TP, IPsec, SSTP, OpenVPN 2048 bit and IKev2.


The SwitchVPN proxy browser isn't as easy to use as some of the other proxy sites we reviewed, mainly because there wasn't as much customer support. While this web proxy has more than a dozen server locations, it has very few IP addresses. If the IP addresses are used too much, Google may block them. However, this service rotates its IP addresses to avoid this problem.

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