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AT&T customer? You can get HBO Max for free at launch - watch Friends, Gossip Girl and more

AT&T customer? You can get HBO Max for free at launch - watch Friends, Gossip Girl and more
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AT&T will be giving away HBO Max for free on May 27, when the streaming launches - but you need to be one of the tens of millions eligible video, internet, and mobile customers. But just because you're an AT&T customer doesn't mean that you're necessarily all set to enjoy the programming free of charge. HBO Max will be free for folks who have enrolled in AT&T's higher tier plans, like the following:

  • AT&T Unlimited Elite’s wireless plan
  • AT&T Internet 1000’s internet plan
  • AT&T TV Now Max video package
  • DirecTV Premier video package
  • AT&T U-Verse U400 video package
  • U450’s video package

Being an AT&T customer with a lower-tier plan doesn't mean you're going to be left in the dust either. These customers will receive free trials of various lengths, dependent on the plan they are enrolled in. For more detailed information, WarnerMedia and AT&T have laid it all out online

How can I sign up for HBO Max?

If you are not one of the AT&T customers eligible to get HBO Max for free or for a free trial, you can still sign up at launch on May 27. If you already have HBO, you may be able to upgrade to HBO Max for free, but as always, there's a catch: this will only be possible for customers who are billed directly by HBO, and who didn't sign up through another service like Apple or Amazon Prime Video

Don't already have HBO? Not to worry, you can sign up on the launch date and pay a monthly fee of  $14.99 per month. That's a little more expensive than Netflix and Hulu (even if you get the Disney Plus bundle) and others on the list of the best TV streaming services, but with the anticipated programming, it will be well-worth the investment.

There will be no shortage of content on HBO Max. Not only will it have current HBO programming, which includes shows like Game of Thrones and Entourage and movies like Aquaman and A Star is Born, but it will also have original programming and exclusives. Friends fans already know that the entire series will be available on HBO Max after have been recently booted from Netflix, and the streaming service will host the long-awaited Friends reunion. And Gossip Girl fans eagerly await the rebooted series 13 years after the original premiered, which will be an HBO Max original. And don't forget to enjoy all that programming on the best tablets and the best smartphones, in the event that we will once again be watching on-the-go. 

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