Sleep better with $300 off the organic Awara mattress this Halloween

Sleep better with $300 off the organic Awara mattress this Halloween
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If you or your partner are experiencing a form of back pain, good sleep often goes out the window. What you lie on can have an impact too, which is why we’re excited about the Awara mattress Halloween sale: right now you can save $300 on the Awara Sleep Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress for back health and all-round better sleep. 

The National Institute of Health estimates that 80% of Americans suffer from either chronic or acute back pain, and the causes are numerous, including your bed. As we explain in our guide to the best mattress online, choosing a mattress that’s designed for your specific sleep style and postural needs is a must. If you’re not sleeping on the right one, it can make your back pain worse - or even cause it. 

The back health benefits of the Awara mattress include constant pressure relief across your neck, shoulders, back and hips throughout the night. The mattress does this via a nine-inch support core that’s packed with pocketed coils - these perform the vital job of delivering optimal pressure relief and spinal support, both of which are key to ensuring you feel less stiff and achy upon waking.

Awara Sleep Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress: Was from $1,199 | Now from $899

Awara Sleep Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress: Was from $1,199 | <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Now from $899
The Awara mattress is made of natural Dunlop latex and promotes better spinal alignment during sleep, plus constant pressure relief from the moment you lie down. Awara Sleep is offering free delivery (and returns) on this mattress, and is making it available on a huge 365-night trial period, that’s how confident it is.

As touched on above, the Awara mattress is designed to promote ‘neutral spine alignment’. This means you won’t have a feeling or sinking into the mattress or experience any kind of pulling on the curve of your back. Thanks to that clever suspension system inside the mattress, your body weight will be evenly distributed, even with a partner snoozing next to you. 

An image showing the Awara Mattress dressed with a white duvet and cream knitted throw

(Image credit: Awara Sleep)

While there’s only one mattress in the Awara Sleep range, it’s a luxurious marriage of breathable cotton and cosy organic New Zealand wool that absorbs moisture and keeps pesky dust mites at bay. So much like the best cooling mattress, it won’t cause you to overheat during sleep.

In some respects, the Awara mattress is similar to the Avocado Green Mattress range, which also uses organic materials, as well as the Saatva range. The latter is one of our top picks for the best bed toppers for back pain support - see our round-up of the best Saatva mattress discounts for the latest offers.

Awara Mattress Halloween sale prices:

  • Twin: Was from $1,199 | Now from $899
  • Twin XL: Was from $1,299 | Now from $999
  • Full: Was from $1,399 | Now from $1,099
  • Queen: Was from $1,499 | Now from $1,199
  • King: Was from $1,699 | Now from $1,399
  • Cal King: Was from $1,699 | Now from $1,399

When you buy the Awara mattress during the brand’s Halloween sale, not only will you save $300 on the Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress itself, but Awara Sleep will plant 10 trees for every mattress you buy. Kind to your back, kind to the planet. For further savings, also take a look at our guide to the best Purple mattress deals and the best Casper mattress deals.

Don’t forget, good sleep also means investing in the best pillows for your sleep style, as well as learning how to relax before sleep. This could mean taking a warm bath, or even learning how to calm your mind with a meditation app. If you’re struggling to get up, consider using one of the best sunrise alarm clocks to wake you with a cheerful sunrise.

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