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Black Friday cell phone plan deals

Black Friday cell phone plan deals
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The best Black Friday cell phone plan deals can offer you a great opportunity to upgrade to the best smartphone, or to find yourself a better deal that offers more minutes, texts, and data than your current cell phone provider is giving you. But what is Black Friday, and why is it the best time to upgrade your plan with one of the best cell phone providers?

Black Friday is the biggest shopping event of the year, with retailers and web stores offering huge discounts on just about everything you can think off, from refrigerators and printers, all the way through to cell phone plans. Black Friday takes place on the Friday following Thanksgiving, which is November 27 this year.

While it might have a fixed date, Black Friday has become such an enormous event that it’s no longer tied to just the day itself, with Black Friday sales usually starting at least a week before and running for the week after too. There is also Cyber Monday, the monday after Black Friday which is another sales event that usually focuses on online deals, but at this point, the whole thing has basically blurred into one enormous two week sale.

Why is Black Friday a good time to get a new cell phone plan? 

While it might be an obviously great time to pick up a deal on new products, why does Black Friday make sense when it comes to grabbing a new cell phone plan? Well these contracts usually last for a couple of years, so you’re going to be committed to whatever you choose. It makes sense to strike when prices are at their cheapest, and for cell phone plans and new smartphones, that’s Black Friday.

For one thing, most of this year’s new model smartphones have already been released and have been out in the wild for a few months at least. This means that that honeymoon period where they can rely on selling based on being the hot new thing is over. The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro might have sold like hot cakes at launch, but the early adopters have all grabbed a new handset now, so sales and discounts are the next logical step for Apple. 

What Cell Phone plan deals are live now? 

While Black Friday isn’t quite here yet, we thought we’d get a head start and track deals from all the major cell phone providers now, so you can decide if you want to jump in now or wait for the Black Friday extravaganza to begin. We’ve separated the deals by provider so you can easily find a deal with the network of your choice.

If you’re not sure which cell phone provider has the best coverage in your area, check out our cell phone coverage maps guide, which shows you how to access each networks maps and find out who is the best provider in your areas, both for 5G and 4G signal.

AT&T deals

AT&T is offering a few great deals at the moment. You can get an iPhone 11 at half price when you switch to AT&T or add a line. You can also get the new Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G for free when you trade in an eligible handset.

Get an iPhone 11 for half off when you switch to AT&T from another network, or if you add a line with eligible service. The iPhone 11 is a fantastic smartphone with a stylish design, excellent performance and a great camera.View Deal

Get the Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G for free when you trade in and set up a new line (or add to an existing one). There are a few conditions here, but this is still a phenomenal deal. You have to buy the handset outright along with a new line and trade in an old phone, then you get $1000 in credits to your account, applied over the length of the contract.View Deal

Verizon Wireless Deals

Verizon doesn’t have any handset specific deals on at the moment, but there are a couple of general purpose deals that are worth checking out. You can get a $450 voucher when you switch your existing number over to Verizon Unlimited - that’s a decent chunk of money off a new handset. 

You can also get a similar deal to the AT&T one, where you switch to Verizon and trade in an eligible phone to get either the iPhone 11 Pro or Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G for free (kinda, you pay for the phone and get a ton of credit to your Verizon account for covering contract payments or other purchases).

Get a $450 Verizon voucher when you switch your existing phone and number over to Verizon Unlimited. If you’re thinking of switching networks and aren’t sure what smartphone you want yet, take advantage of this deal and get $450 to spend when you do choose.View Deal

Get either the iPhone 11 Pro or Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G for free when you switch to Verizon and trade in an eligible model. These are two of the newest, most advanced smartphones in the world, so getting them for free (ish) is an absolute steal.View Deal

T-Mobile deals

Well wouldn’t you know it, T-Mobile is also running a few deals including the old “get a Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G for free” deal that we’ve seen around a lot lately. Terms and conditions apply as always, You can also get $1000 off a second iPhone 11 Pro if you buy one, basically making it two for the price of one.

Pick up the Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G for free via 24 monthly bill credits when you sign up to T-Mobile unlimited. Choose from three colors and kit yourself out with the most stylish smartphone of the year.View Deal

Buy one iPhone 11 Pro, get $1000 off a second one (via 24 monthly bill credits) when you sign up to T-Mobile unlimited and add a second line. The iPhone 11 Pro is the best version of Apple’s iPhone 11 in our minds, with an upgraded camera and slick design.View Deal

What we’re expecting to see on Black Friday?

If last year's sales are anything to go by, we’d expect to see some pretty hefty discounts on the entire range of current gen smartphones including the iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy S20, and OnePlus 8 to name but a few. Most of this year’s smartphones came out in the earlier half of the year, and we’ve got rumors of new models coming soon including the iPhone 12. This means manufacturers and cell phone providers will be looking to shift some stock in time for next year’s models, which makes Black Friday the perfect time to snag a deal on a current gen handset.

At the same time, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic can’t be understated, and many smartphone companies have taken hefty hits to their bottom line this year due to manufacturing issues and reduced spending. This could go either way, as they may look to offer smaller than usual discounts to recoup losses, or huge deals to entice shoppers back out. Only time will tell here, but we expect the later.