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From our experience, the best mattress is one that’s supportive, comfortable, and designed to last. There are plenty of online mattresses to pick from, but some are leaps and bounds ahead of others in terms of quality. Plenty of them make audacious claims about delivering your best night’s sleep, but precious few actually deliver on that promise. But we have the best listed in our guide of the best mattresses you can buy online.

Best overall

Starlight Bed mattress

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Starlight Bed

Springs and memory foam

The Starlight Bed mattress has several layers of memory foam on top of tightly coiled springs to ensure your body is adequately supported as you sleep. You can move without disrupting your partner and will be supported whether you’re a side or back sleeper. The extra-thick comfort pad on top helps reduce aches from an uncomfortable night’s sleep and a low-level insulated layer controls temperatures so you don’t get too hot.

Best value

eXtreme Comfort CoolTouch mattress

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eXtreme Comfort CoolTouch

Lots of comfy layers

The eXtreme Comfort CoolTouch mattress has two layers of insulation to help wick heat away from you while sleeping. It has both springs and a thick layer of poly-fibre to give softness and support. This mattress is topped with memory foam that reduces bounce and moment, which is especially helpful when your partner rolls over or gets up because the movement will be minimalized so you can continue sleeping soundly. All mattress by eXtreme Comfort meat fire and safety regulations.

Best for all sleepers

HomyLink mattress

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HomyLink Mattress

Pocket design for all sleep support

The HomyLink Mattress wraps each spring individually. This means the coils work on their own rather than a collective group to support you where you need it regardless of the position you sleep in. The fabric of these pockets is made from a knitted material that is both breathable but also works as a sound barrier. This is especially helpful for couples so individual sleepers can adjust positions without disturbing their partner. Most of the mattress is made from natural materials, so it is a good option for allergy sufferers.

Best for side sleepers

Summerby Sleep mattress

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Summerby Sleep

Good soft mattress

The Summerby Sleep mattress has three layers on top of steel coils to give you a super soft surface on top of the support of the springs. This makes the Summerby Sleep a great choice for side sleepers. The memory foam and support foam molds to your body shape to relieve pressure as you sleep. The lower felt pad is insulated to help keep you comfortable all year long while the top cover is made from a breathable fabric to keep you cool all night long.

Best for back sleepers

Silentnight 3 Zone memory foam mattress

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Silentnight 3 Zone Memory Foam

Good firm mattress

This memory foam mattress from Silentnight comes rolled up tight. It’s easy to set up into any traditional bedframe without. This mattress has three memory foam zones designed to provide extra protection to your hips, back and shoulders. It more firm than other mattresses, which makes it a good one for back sleepers. The top cover of the Silentnight 3 Zone Memory Foam Mattress is made from Purotex fibres. This keeps allergens and dust mites away.

How to choose the best mattress for you

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Factors such as whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach, whether you share a bed with a partner and even your weight and height should be things you consider before you make your next mattress purchase.

Firmness is another thing that you should factor in, usually a firmer mattress suits heavier sleepers or those who sleep on their front or back. Medium firmness is suited to those who need extra support for their spine, back, and neck. While those who are side sleepers benefit from a softer mattress that will mold to your body’s natural curvature.

If you share a bed then you’ll want to opt for a mattress that has limited motion transfer. Not everyone sleeps the same so if you’re sharing with a partner who gets up and down a lot, or tosses and turns, the last thing you want is a spring mattress as they can be bad for motion transfer, while memory foam mattresses are great at limiting movement.

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